Monday, June 2, 2008

Appeal Timeline

This appeal timeline just came in from Mechele's mom, Sandy. It gives us a much better idea of what we will be dealing with as far as progress in the next year or so.

  • Mid-June 2008 Defense attorneys have to have all transcripts, evidence, etc from previous trial.
  • Early July-Meeting with three judge panel and all attorneys.
  • August 1-Defense attorneys will turn in appeal
  • Oct 15-Deadline for prosecution attorney to respond.
  • Mid Nov-defense deadline to respond to prosecution' s response.
  • Early Dec (no later than Jan)-Oral arguments will begin.

Also from Sandy:
"This process can take up to twelve months meaning that we will have an answer no later than Jan. 2010. These are "worse case senarios," meaning this is the maximum time it will take. From what I understand once a new trial has been approved things begin to happen quickly.

"We are extremely impressed with the firm handling her case. Keep in mind that this will not be the firm representing her at the new trial. They only handle the appeal case. Kevin Fitzgerald will co-counsel with new attorneys, not yet chosen. All of this is frustrating at best, but it is the hand we have been dealt and we just have to play it as best we can."


gerri said...

i just saw this story on 48 hours last night. if i was on that jury there is no way i would have voted to convict mechele. seems it was all based on hearsay. no forensic evidence. i hope she gets a new trial.

1_2adore said...

I have seen Mechele'e story on Snapped before but I was able to see more into the trial and to hear more from Mechele in her interview from 48 hours. My prays are with the Linehan family. She needs to be home with her husband and daughter. I don't believe that she did that.

Michael said...

i don't know if mechele is innocent or not but i do have an abundance of reasonable doubt of her guilt. there was NO forensic evidence, eyewitnesses, or even strong, circumstantial anecdotal evidence that linked her directly with the murder.

i am a behavior scientist and like matt willer, i have grave concerns about the victim's final letter. if he indeed felt that his life was in danger why didn't he discuss it with his dad during his dad's visit before his death? why didn't he leave carlin's house? why didn't he contact any authorities? the letter seems less concerned with his own welfare than with taking someone "down" for his impending death.

based on all i've seen and read, there would be no way, that if i was a juror, i could vote for an indictment.

Cindy said...

Dear Mechele: My name is Cindy and I just watched 48 Hours on TV. I do not know how the jury could have convicted you. My heart goes out to Kent's family as well as yours. The family needs justice and I can understand that but not even they should want an innocent person to be convicted just so they can say they got justice. In this country our justice system says that you cannot convict someone when there is REASONABLE DOUBT. That jury should have remembered that. From where I stand I saw nothing on that show that gave any evidence that you knew about the murder in advance or participated in it at all. People all over the world get engaged and break up and nobody ever takes that the wrong way. So I want you to know that you have a beautiful family who loves you and supports you and lawyers who believe in you as well as wonderful friends. Maybe the state of Alaska will finally realize that with Carlin gone they have no case, which they didn't from the getgo, and just let this be over. Otherwise I hope you get a jury that can be objective like they should be and who will realize there is nothing in the state's evidence that proves one thing about your knowledge or participation in that awful murder and let you return to your life as it should be. I have never met you but I believe in your innocence. So you have a friend in SC. Good luck to you and God Bless you. I will be trying to keep up with any news about you. Sincerely, Cindy