Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Does the system work?

Hello to all our faithful followers!! Casey Anthony has been found not guilty on all major counts. Regardless of how you feel about the verdict. I am just curious as to how many of you out there believe in our current jury system? David, thanks for your recent post and as an attorney I would especially be interested in yours. There has been conversations in the past as to a "professional jury system." That would make sense to me. Please feel free to follow us on Facebook as that site seems to be a little more active than this one is. Since this is sort of a "quiet time" in our on-going legal battle there is probably more interaction there. As things develop I will definately be up dating this blog as well. It never ceases to amaze me how many lives are disrupted by legal action whether they are justified or not. Peoples lives are changed forever. There have been blessings as well. We have truly been blessed by the continued support of our families, friends and perfect strangers that felt drawn to our situation. For that I will be forever grateful. Hugs to all you dear people who believe in our Mechele and continue to offer us your love, prayers and support!

Mechele's mom