Saturday, May 29, 2010

from mechele

Today was a fantastic day. I was in such heaven. I spent a wonderful four hours in bliss, aster assistance from a wonderful post office employee, who should receive postal worker of the year. Found myself choked up by her kindness and words of concern. I met the most remarkable hair expert, who I turned complete trust over to, and don’t regret it for a second. I loved it. He understood exactly what I needed and I ultimately I deferred all direction to him. He was confident, compassionate and professional. Once I told him that he really could do anything, he didn’t hesitate, took a handful of hair and chop. It was most liberating.

Audrey got her hair cut too. When I first went to HMCC, we were on the phone talking about how we both wanted to cut our hair but were waffling. We decided that when I got out we would go cut it together. Neither of us went as short as we had initially thought, although I think its best. Baby steps.

It’s still sunny outside and I feel like its 6pm, its almost 11. I tried to look at the stop signs differently today and be thankful for them. Today I am thankful to men who do hair and stop signs. Tomorrow I will try to find something new to appreciate, no matter how small. Have a good night- it’s almost over have a good day. Smile

p.s. im sending this to my mom so she can post a bit of it.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

happy, happy mom

Hi to all!!! Arrived in Anchorage last night and I cannot tell you the joy I felt in seeing my child free!! There are no words to describe how wonderful it was to hug her and know she did not have to be put back in a cell! Audrey is drinking in her mother's love and trying to make up for lost moments. Thanks to all of you for helping in making this come about. You support got us here. Mechele and I will both post later...just wanted to share the excitement of FINALLY getting here and being with Mechele and Audrey.

A very excited mom!!

Friday, May 21, 2010

from mechele

miss my family, friends and my home. It’s difficult to not be in Oly with everyone. However so many here have made me feel so welcome and it feels like home too.
I love Anchorage. I love the people. I never thought I would say that. Strangers have been so kind to me. Everywhere I run into locals who wish good for us, from the GCI employees, staff at restaurants, baristas, cashiers, and shoppers. The recognition is bazaar to me and feels unreal. When people are so kind, I just want to hug them and cry, but just like picking up strange babies, I know this is not socially acceptable as well. So I graciously thank them the best I can, typically I’m tongue tied.
I am hoping to have a little more freedom as time passes. It’s difficult at times for my third party, she is essentially on house arrest too. Strange, since no other case (we have found) has placed a third party on house arrest with the defendant. It’s punishing a citizen who watched the system fail, and stepped forward to help. Now, she is punished for getting involved in government affairs. She is a strong, smart woman who sees it clearly. She is not intimidated. I love that about her.
My daughter and I want to ride our bikes, venture out and explore the parks and downtown. After my Judge said I was even less of a flight risk than before, I am hoping that they will be more lenient, and lift some of the restrictive conditions; and not treat me as sentenced to house arrest, rather let me live as “innocent until proven guilty” while on bail. Goodnight to all of my angels

from mechele

2 of 3 Funny Bits
I used a public restroom and cracked myself up as I reached for the protective toilet seat cover with tissue covered fingers; after all I had just left a highly charged bacteria-viral fiesta. After all what was I afraid of catching?
I did a load of heavily bleached whites, checking over my shoulder as I poured the contraband into the modern washer (with way too many selections of pre-wash, pre-soak, agitation speed, soak length).
Went to buy a toothbrush and was excited and amazed. I miss my commissary choosing for me and delivering it to me. I order a toothbrush and nine days later it arrives. After standing in awe of every adjective used, I figure I must need all of them, why else would they sell them. However I couldn’t find one that offered everything. In the end, I simply shrugged and walked away, thinking the one I had would be fine till the next time, when I am more prepared for the big decision. Obviously I haven’t done enough research. I think the commissary people must really know what they’re doing. I appreciate them, and thought of them fondly as I walked away. Perhaps I will send them a note. First time I missed something from HMCC.

from mechele

From the moment the Officer said "roll-up", Ive been in a dream!
My first week out flew by. At first it was a little stressful and overwhelming with stimuli.
A friend flew in and was with Barbra waiting at the door.
My first trip to the store, I searched the car floor board for my electronic monitoring transmitter box. The year I spent out on bail with the ankle monitor, I was required to carry a little black box with me at all times. If I were out of range, it would beep. After realizing my pre-rescue, pre-bail, pre-trial programming was not at all adjusted well, what could I do but laugh. I just got the desired mango and avocado. The idea of venturing through the aisles was not at all an option yet. As I was checking out, the cashiers register was beeping as the fruit passed through, once again I checked for my black transmitter box. It’s been two and a half years and I have never once thought about that little box. It’s comical how surroundings trigger reactions.
Barbra was so thoughtful. She had thought of everything ahead of time. I don’t know if I could have adjusted so well without her. She is affectionately protective and bold. I love her and am very thankful for her and her zest.
Colin and Audrey flew in and we stayed up all night giggling the first night. We were silly with excitement and disbelief. Still, after a week I grab Audrey and yes, sniff her, like a mamma lion, she is mine. The little one and I are snuggled tightly. I don’t let go of her, even when she tries to shake her little paw from mine, I hold tighter, and we laugh.
I made an old favorite on a roaring gas stove with a sizzling cast iron skillet—my favs! I missed the sizzle sounds and smells of cooking real, good food( without the use of the microwave and iron). Audrey was so sweet when she took her first bite of my peanut sauce; she smiled and said I remember this taste. OHHH! Melt my heart. I love watching her eat what I made for her.
I washed dishes. Yes a mundane task which I found so much joy in. I was using the big kitchen sink, with a real sponge (not a dinky bathroom sink with paper towel). Oh, and the feel and sound of real glass, and ceramic, and metal flatware! Wow! Yes, I found joy in that.
I still look for the iron to toast my croissant, or pause at the microwave, contemplating how to cook the asparagus---never!
I hear so much. I never heard traffic, horns, or sirens for two and a half years. Still more joy to be had. I am thankful for it all.
When we were in the grocery a little tiny person ran into us and scattered about underfoot as the mother apologized and attempted to catch the speedy little sprite. I smile and loved it. I felt a little weepy for a second. I really missed little people. I know it’s not socially acceptable to pick up someone’s baby and cuddle them but I have to admit I see them and the urge strikes, it’s so tempting. They have so much happiness and spunk. We should all run about like that. :-)

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

from mechele

Hello my Dear Friends and Family: I am truly blessed. I am so sorry that it’s taken me almost a week to sign on here. I have been shell shocked. Im going full force today. Set up a facebook account, twitter and email. Its difficult to express my gratitude to all, because words aren’t enough. I know that I wouldn’t be sitting here with my daughter if it weren’t for all of you and your strength. You all worked so hard for my release. I should say rescue. You not only rescued me, physically, but spiritually. I love you all!
I will post a lengthy update this evening

May 19, 2010 5:11 P

greeting from Mechele

Hi all...look under comments of previous post....greetings from Mechele!!!!! Not sure how it ended up there...but it is.......

Saturday, May 15, 2010


It it with the utmost joy in my heart that I can report that Mechele, Colin and Audrey are enjoying the weekend together at last!!! Tears of joy and lots of hugs and kisses were shared. Each of you have tread this journey with us for so long that finally some joy can be shared with all of you. We are getting internet service next week at the apartment and Mechele is anxious to send messages to all of our dear friends and family. For the first time in over three years I can go to sleep with a smile and thankfulness that my child has been reunited with her husband and daughter. YOU my dear friends have helped so very much in making this dream become a reality. Our journey is not ended, but we have taken a HUGE step in bringing her home for good. Let's just take a deep breath for now, and revel in this blessing. My heart is full of love and gratitude to every single one of you, and with great appreciation to Terry and Brian, who truly are Angels among us!! Will post later in the love and many hugs to each of you.

A VERY happy and GRATEFUL mom!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Mechele was released from Hiland late last night. Thanks to everyone who made this possible, especially our two very special angels!! I talked to her about 130AM (CDT) and I don't think the reality of being released had sunk in just yet. I will post more info later, but for now I just wanted to share this precious moment of joy and happiness with all of you!!! BIG Hugs to everyone!!

Friday, May 7, 2010


Well, it seems that after the state's opinion made public by Alaska Daily News re: that they would not object to property bond, they did! How sad! I do so hope that people in Alaska are paying attention to statements made to the press that they are going to do one thing then.....opps., not really!! So, we are back to spending $25,000 of which we will not get back so that a bailbondmen will pocket. Sorry I must be missing something here...but makes no sense to me..would love you guys feedback!

Bail update

Quick note to all! Waiting on state to reply to new bond allowing us to use property. They have expressed that they will not contest it so the Judge will just have to sign off on it. No one wants her out more than our family, but we are protecting people who have so generously agreed to contribute to this, so we will have to wait to insure that happens. The kind person that has put up the property bond is from Anchorage. Not sure where "Seattle" came into play. Mechele has been appointed a new attorney so we are working on that aspect. Thanks so much to those who have donated money to help defer expenses. Although it appears we will have a public defender there still will be expenses involved. I have set up an account for these expenses and donations can be made through PayPal or by check. If anyone would like details of how this money is being spent please email me personally and I will be happy to provide this to you. It is amazing after the last three and 1/2 years how many wonderful, generous and caring individuals are offering their support. What a turn around from the first bail hearing!!! Do know that it is because of all your support that we have come this far. I am so grateful that you have been there for us. I will update more as I find out more details. My love and gratitude to all of you. And to all the moms out there....have a blessed Mother's Day!! You have all made mine a much happier one than I have had in a long time!!

PS....Willy, your posts are coming through in Japenese and I can't translate them!!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

quick update

We are awaiting word on bail..we have gone back to the judge and asked if we can post bond directly with the court rather that spending $25,000 (non refundable) using a bail bondsman. It has delayed her release but ultimately could save $25,000 which could go towards atty fees. Either way, we have her covered. Mechele sends her love and gratitude to all of you....will post as soon as I hear news. Get ready, we are going to launch another letter campaign. I actually heard the last one we did was effective!!! Hugs to everyone! Sandy

Monday, May 3, 2010

new update

There truly are angels among us!!! We have been blessed by two of these wonderful beings that have so generously stepped up to the plate on Mechele's behalf! We have the resources to get her out!!!!Hopefully everything will be done and she will be out tomorrow or always I will keep everyone posted.. Thanks to everyone for your generous offers of support, spiritually, emotionally and financially. We will be setting up a fund to help with expenses and I will post info on that soon. There is a light of the end of this long tunnel and each of you has helped get us to this point. My extreme gratitude and love to all of you. Will post soon....and thanks for helping give me the best mother's day gift of all!!

A humbled and grateful mom