Thursday, January 21, 2010

Thanks blog posters!

So many questions that I was going to address have been answered by out bloggers!! Thank you all! The one thing we have to keep in mind is that it is not up to us to prove who was responsible for this horrendous act, but that there is not enough evidence to prove Mechele was! Thanks to all the bloggers and the people who have chosen to email me personally, we do have some leads as to who may be the person, not just responsible but that had motive and could have acted as an accomplice to this horrendous deed!! Thank you all!

Friday, January 15, 2010

post translation?

We have had a post to our blog, but it is in Chinese!! Could the sender please translate??? Thanks!!

Thursday, January 14, 2010


We have had several responses to the previous post. They have all been published and are under "Colins Intro." Thank all of you who have responded. I will write a follow up post addressing some of these issues this weekend. As always, thank you all for your support. I might mention that we have no problems addressing questions relating to our case. It is a very complex one and I will be glad to address questions to the best of my ability. Fortunately a lot of our bloggers are very astute and in tune with the legal system and have been able to point out the inaccuracies without my help!! To those who have done so, thank you!


Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Sorry, ok, "anonymous" post IS on the blogsite. It is under "Colin's Introduction." Google did post it!

re: Anonymous post

After posting a reply I noticed that the post from "Anonymous" was not posted! It seems since they chose not to create an account, it was not posted even though I approved it. If that person would like to publish it, please resend it and I will be glad to post it. It seems that if you do not have an account, google will not allow it to be posted. Sorry, I did try to post it and did reply to it!

Reply to post from "anonymous"

As previously expressed, this blogsite was intended for our family, friends and supporters of Mechele. We stated that no negative posts would be published. I have chosen to make an exception and publish the post from "anonymous." The reason I did this was that after reading it, I don't feel it was a "negative" post, but a concerned person that made some valid points. I would strongly advise anyone that is interested in this case to review the facts of the trial as well as the letter that Kent wrote. I am more than happy to answer questions and have encouraged people to email me personally or ask them on the blogsite. The answers to a lot of questions have been covered in previous blog post or I have been emailed personally to the ones that have sent them directly to me. For the benefit of the above mentioned post, and anyone else that may have raised the same questions, I will try to answer them now.

1.) First of all, the writers of this blogsite will not be the ones trying to convince a jury. This is what the attorneys will do. While I defend my daughter totally, I cannot possibly attempt to convince everyone that raises a question or has a doubt. I truly believe that a person should be convicted "beyond a reasonable doubt." We feel that with this case that there was not enough evidence and that "reasonable doubt" was indeed proven.

2.)According to Alaska law, Kent's letter should never have been admitted into evidence. A previous supreme court ruling stated that the accuser must be able to be questioned, in the case of the deceased being the author this was impossible. But, to answer the question concerning Kent' fear of Mechele or that someone was going to harm him, why didn't he leave? Why did he make two trips to Hope? If you read his letter, he knew his parents would get his insurance money, therefore he knew the beneficiary had been changed. Why did he mail the letter the same day his dad left? Why not just give it to him?
3.) As for the "theories" referring to Kent's letter. This entire case has been a "theory" that there was a conspiracy to murder this poor man. There was never any DNA, nor solid evidence to prove this "theory." Emails were "cherry-picked" that were used to try and prove this "theory." Although insurance was the supposed motive, it was known that the beneficiary had been changed and that Mechele was aware of it. Therefore the only people to benefit from the insurance were Kent's parents. Although it may be hard to believe that "a man who frequents strip clubs and lives with a female stripper is a closet homosexual," stranger things have happened! Kent's sexual preference did not indicate he was a homosexual, but rather that he was bi-sexual. Remember he also lived in a house with a man, his young son and "the stripper."

I hope this clarifies some points that this person raised. I received an email from one of our supporters that did an excellent job of analyzing Kent's letter and if he chooses to do so, would like to invite him to post it on our blog.
Again, my heartfelt thanks to all of you, especially those people who have chosen to get invoved by sending me information and data that will assist us in bringing justice to our family and bringing our Mechele home!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Happy New Year!

Hello to all! Sorry I am so late posting! It has been crazy here!! So glad the holidays are over!! A big thanks to everyone who sent cards, letters and gifts to Mechele! She is so very grateful and so are we!! Lots of new posts on the blog. For those of you who have asked questions, if you will look at older blogs I think some of your questions may be answered there. We have no new news on the appeal. As we knew, this will be just a "wait and see" process. We are so thankful for the letters so many of you have sent on her behalf. It is not to late to send one if you have not done so. We will be using these letters once the appeal has been granted to do a "blitz mailout" to anyone that will be involved or have any influence in support of our cause. The holidays were difficult for us and they will continue to be until Mechele is home again. But we have faith that the sytem will prevail and we will be granted a new trial! Please keep our blog active and thank you all so very much for your support!!!