Thursday, January 21, 2010

Thanks blog posters!

So many questions that I was going to address have been answered by out bloggers!! Thank you all! The one thing we have to keep in mind is that it is not up to us to prove who was responsible for this horrendous act, but that there is not enough evidence to prove Mechele was! Thanks to all the bloggers and the people who have chosen to email me personally, we do have some leads as to who may be the person, not just responsible but that had motive and could have acted as an accomplice to this horrendous deed!! Thank you all!

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Richyrich said...

I'll tell you this, I feel to post and write and donate because I have NEVER dreampt that I would see someone go to prison for LIFE with nothing more than a story spun by an overzealous prosecuter trying to clear a cold case! This is nothing more than a matter of someone's opinion that's been spun into a story that somehow condemned a beautiful young mother, and productive member of her community, to LIFE IN PRISON!
I am not a lawyer but I do have common sense and a sense of what's right and whats wrong. This poor girl is in HELL with NO EVIDENCE AT ALL offered against her, just opinions and fairy tales!
Think about it.
NO murder weapon
NO dna
NO physical evidence AT ALL
NO witnesses that can implicate Mechele for anything more than liking a movie!
NO Mechele even being in town when the murder occured!
Lets look at this for what it really is, Mechele has been accused of being a beautiful stripper, which is all she is actually guilty of! And that is NOT a crime! I've read about this story frontwords and back and all I see is reasonable doubt, fantasies, stories and spin!
If any reasonable person thinks about it, there is ABSOLUTELY NO evidence at all against her. NONE!
I can not believe that this is happening in the United States of America. If this trend continues, then WATCH OUT. The next thing we'll see is people being burned at the stake for reading someone's fortune in Alaska!