Thursday, April 29, 2010

post bail hearing

Hi guys!! Just a quick update....thanks for all the great posts, emails, texts, etc...and all the positive energy coming our way. Been on the phone, fax, etc getting bail details worked out. So many of you have offered to help and it still may be needed....will know more later...but didn't want to leave you guys out of the loop....I will post later with updates...please keep posting feedback...hugs to all!!


Wednesday, April 28, 2010

bail hearing

Ok. That was confusing!! We didn't think Volland would be the judge then, there he was!! We are talking to attys, bondsmen,etc. to try and figure out where we are money-wise. We do know that the bail is $250,000 and can be cash, corporate or a combination of both. Be patient as we try to sort through all this and I will get back to everyone as soon as I can. Thanks, you guys got us here with all your positive vibes, your prayers and most of all your love. We ARE going to win this time and bring Mechele home. And you will all be invited to the BIGGEST party since the Saints won the Super Bowl!! My love and big hugs to each and everyone of you. I am interested in feedback from any of you that had the opportunity to watch the live feed.

Many big hugs,

bail hearing

Volland is the judge! Live on

bail hearing

Judge volland is not presiding over the bail hearing!


Good morning all! First I want to apologize for not posting sooner, but as you all have been advised there are certain things I have not been able to make public. As you may know, Mechele's bail hearing is set for today. I will be able to post more after this hearing. Please keep us in your prayers, and continue to support our efforts to get Mechele home. We have arrived at this step because of the wonderful support of our family and friends. We view this as one step toward the light at the end of this tunnel. I will address some of your comments just as soon as we get through this bail hearing. I will be going to Anchorage in about two weeks but will have much more information in the next few days that I am anxious to share with all of you. It doesn't seem adequate enough, but honestly your support and concern is so very important to Mechele and our family. For immediate info you can go to . Thanks, dear friends. You are in my heart! Mechele sends her love and her gratitude.


Monday, April 12, 2010

Thanks to all you!

It is very late and this is just a frustrated mom really missing her daughter, her best friend and someone I am so very proud of. Bear with me friends, for I am tired of holding back for fear that someone from the prosecution or the state of Alaska may be reading this. I do not care. I have missed the last two and a half years of sharing the joy of my daughter's life. I am tired of the red tape of legal strings that has bound my child into captivity. I feel bad for attorneys that only care about how much money they make representating this case. What ever happened about just doing it because it is the right thing? Where are the attorneys that took a vow about representing justice? Is is just about the money for you? Where are all the groups that talk about civil rights, etc? For those of you who think that Mechele and Colin have an abundance of wealth you should research what this has cost our family so far! And for those of you who that continue to attempt to post negative comments on this blog, can you not read!! This blog is for our family and our dear friends that support Mechele. There is an abundance of stupidy out there and I am truly sorry for them, but please find someplace else to vent your ignorance. People that have posted negative comments are not only not aware of the facts, but do not want to hear them. Ok, for all of your dear people that continue to support us, thank you for letting me vent!! I love all of you! For Pat and the prosecution, may you find some wisdom and pray that your child is not in the position that mine is in. And pray that she or he is not in Mississippi or Louisiana or a state that believes in a fair and just system. Thanks, my friends for just letting me say how I feel!! I just so miss my Mechele!!

Good Morning!

Hi everyone!! Thanks so much for all the encouraging emails, posts, letters, etc that you are sending our way!!! We have been busy getting prepared for bail hearing which we HOPE will be this Friday!! Please feel free to email me personally if you have any questions and don't feel comfortable asking them on the blog. Please be patient, as I mentioned before, this is a public site for anyone to read. And again, it has been created for our family and our friends therefore no negative comments will be posted. Hang in there with us......will post AS SOON as I have more info!! Your emails, etc are keeping me sane during this frustrating time!! Hugs to all of you!

PS Mechele said thanks for all the encouragement and support...she looks forward to posting herself when she gets out!!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Happy Easter

Hi to all!! Wanted to share this picture of one of our dear blogger friends. That is true support for our cause!!! We are hoping for a bail hearing this week. Have all our "ducks in a row," and hope to have Mechele out soon!!! Thanks, for all the supportive comments and emails!!! Love to all of you and will post IMMEDIATELY with news!