Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Good morning all! First I want to apologize for not posting sooner, but as you all have been advised there are certain things I have not been able to make public. As you may know, Mechele's bail hearing is set for today. I will be able to post more after this hearing. Please keep us in your prayers, and continue to support our efforts to get Mechele home. We have arrived at this step because of the wonderful support of our family and friends. We view this as one step toward the light at the end of this tunnel. I will address some of your comments just as soon as we get through this bail hearing. I will be going to Anchorage in about two weeks but will have much more information in the next few days that I am anxious to share with all of you. It doesn't seem adequate enough, but honestly your support and concern is so very important to Mechele and our family. For immediate info you can go to . Thanks, dear friends. You are in my heart! Mechele sends her love and her gratitude.



Raul de Cabo Calzada said...

Good luck from Spain, I'm waiting news

letmesay said...

OMG. Is she out of the prison and seeing her hubby in the courtroom? I cannot imagine. Seriously, I cannot. God bless their daughter today.

Brian Watt said...

I want to comment on Judge Volland.

While I have great respect for his hard work, his effort, and so forth, I believe he was in over his head, on this case, and he made numerous aggregious errors. I am not attempting to ridicule him, I am stating the facts. He made mistakes.

In his OWN 2006 retention election form, he wrote the following:

"I began my career with a civil docket only, and then tranferred to a criminal docket only after 10 months. Because I had never practiced criminal law before, the transfer to criminal was a major adjustment and a steep learning curve. I am still in the phase of learning to be a good criminal trial judge".

I did not realize, we were using the Superior Court of Alaska, to teach remedial criminal trial law Judge Volland?

What i typed above, is an EXACT copy of the text that Phil himself, put on his own 2006 retention form, submitted on Nov 21, 2005.

And then he sentenced an innocent woman, to prison for 99 years. And then of course, the case was reversed. As it should have been.

Neither John Carlin III, nor Mechele Linehan, killed Kent Leppink. So the prosecution got it wrong, twice. And Judge Volland, a man who admitted in late 2005 that he was still learning to be a good criminal trial judge, allowed the prosecution to show up to court, without a case, and sit there, day after day, smearing Mechele Linehan, with ridiculous innuendo, and half baked theories and absurd suppositions. It's called slander.

Anonymous said...

Excellent news at last :) Here's hoping that Mechele is back safe and sound soon.

Cyndi said...

Couldn't someone have gotten a different judge for the bail hearing than the one who thought she was guilty as hell. Like he is really gonna be fair and let her out on bail? I don't think so.

Cyndi said...

Good luck Mechele - hopefully justice will let you out of jail.

R said...

I have had a 12 year civil case in front of another Judge. It is unbelievable that the Judges allow this to drag on and on. Free Michele! The same Judge--what is that about. Only in Alaska!