Sunday, March 28, 2010

update on bail hearing

Good morning to all!! Many of you have expressed your concern as to why Mechele is not out on bail. The restrictions that she may be placed on all have to be addressed before the hearing. In other words, we have to be prepared for whatever demands the court may place on her. We are frantically trying to accomplish that so that we do not run into any objections that we are not prepared to overcome. Please be patient, no one wants her out more than we do!! I will update you as soon as I can. As I mentioned previously, some details cannot be expressed on this blog,but as always please feel free to email me and I will try to answer any questions as best I can. And please continue your love and support to our Mechele. Thank you so much for all the letters, faxes, etc that you have send to me as well as political individuals relating to her case!! Hugs and gratitude to everyone!


Sunday, March 21, 2010


Good morning to all! First I would like to apologize for not writing sooner. It has been a stressful and hectic week. Mechele was rushed to the hospital and has had emergency surgery performed. It was successful and she is still in the hospital recovering. Sparing the details, it was female-related and not life-threating. I have talked to her several times and she has reported that she had been very well cared for both at Hiland and at the hospital. Hopefully she will be released from the hospital today and returned to Hiland. Many of you have expressed your concern regarding her bail hearing. Unfortunately I am not at liberty to discuss this but I can assure you it is being handled and we are hopeful to have the issue resolved soon. Please be patient with the information that I cannot discuss here. Each and every one of you is so very important to us. As I have mentioned before, your support and concern is crucial to us. And, as always feel free to email me personally at I do answer your individual emails. A special thanks from our family and Mechele for the books, letters, cards that you have sent. They truly means so very much to all of us. I will update this site as soon as I am able to release information. Please understand that as you all are aware of, I do not post negative comments, but that does not prevent undesirable readers from reading what is on this site. Hopefully we will have good news to report soon! My heartfelt thanks and love to all of you!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

About this Site

By the way,

I don't run this site. I post when I can. Our dear friends, Kevin and Terry, started this blog site. My mother-in-law now mans the helm (or woman's the helm ;).

I could think of a million of things, off the top of my head, that I'd rather do than screen incoming blog posts concerning Mechele's trial. I got a taste of the mouth-breathers who post anonymous comments. And by the way... I don't read or watch anything concerning this trial. Got a feel for it at the beginning and then I bailed. Too much stupid. I haven't seen any of the television programs concerning Mechele. Why would I? They don't know her or know the trial. Mechele had told me day one I met her about the tragedy in Alaska. Her account is the only one that has never changed. Also, I actually sat through the entire trial. So, I know all the trial facts and also know all the situational facts.

I'm old school. If you are going to comment on an issue regarding me or my family... comment to me in person. I will then have a rational conversation about your opinions. I will take your comments into consideration and have a respectful response based on facts. Unfortunately, that is not how internet discourse takes place. Anonymity breeds cowards.

I am sorry that I don't have patience for that :(
I don't.
So, for the very low percentage of losers that like to talk about things they don't know about... move on. You are spinning your wheels. Get traction somewhere else. Or not.

For the vast majority of you who send your love and support...

Thanks :)
It keep us going. Love you all.


Hey All

We had been saying all along that we were fighting by a different set of rules than the prosecution during the trial. As a legal team, we kept making note of it and documenting the law infractions. Out of dozens of these infractions, our appellate attorneys chose three. A unanimous decision by the appellate court agreed that two of these three errors were unconstitutional. New trial.

The previous “show-trial”, which was narrated by the State, was absurd. So, we go at it again. And with prayers of grace, we will still not contribute to any attempt to morph the process into a Hollywood narrative. Knowing that Mr. Gullufsen will again be representing the State, we expect much sleaze and innuendo to come our way. I dealt with Mr. Gullufsen’s vile public accusations concerning my medical practice. I know first hand how his ignorance about the actual facts can be twisted to slimy accusations that have no basis in reality.
Mr. Gullufsen will not adhere to any standards of decency. This has been shown. He will bring any witness to the stand that will help him “win” the case. I predict right now that he will try to pull a “jail house confession” from some girl who met Mechele at Hiland Mountain Correctional Center. It is almost a given. He will bring anyone up to the witness stand, regardless of their credibility or veracity. It’s coming, and I am not looking forward to it. More importantly, nor is my wife. However… bring it on.

There is no more “show” in the next trial. That train has passed. Time for facts to compete with tabloid. I can’t wait for the “Barrow Email” to compete with the “Hope Note”. We will see the prosecution’s contradictions laid bare (see previous post about the fallacy of the “Hope Note”).

So I am sure there are a lot of questions. When is the bail hearing? When is the new trial? I don’t have the answers to any of these. We are trying to put a bail proposal together and present it to the judge. But we can’t present it to the Judge until the case comes back into our trial lawyer’s jurisdiction. It isn’t there yet, but will be soon.

So the bail, once set, will be the next obstacle. Depending on the amount, we might have to get a trustee to account for donations that have been offered. The bail money is then returned after the trial. We will know more after the bail hearing. Stay tuned.

Thanks SOOOO much for your faith and prayers,


Tuesday, March 2, 2010

thank you!!

Bail bondsmen

Hi again...someone had sent me an email and mentioned a couple of bail bondsmen that might be interested in helping us. I have misplaced the email!! Can you please send it to me again. Also, if there are any bonds bail people out there or if anyone knows one.....please let me know....


Desperately need your help!

Our attys are preparing for the bail hearing. We do not have funds to get her out. We have exhaused family and are reaching out for your help. Please remember any funds donated will be a loan and can be repaid at the beginning of her trial. That date will be set soon and has to be within 180 days. Thanks so much for everyone's support! Please feel free to call or email me personally if you can help or if you have any questions!!


Monday, March 1, 2010


just heard..Judge Volland will be the judge for bail hearing...will update as I hear!!!

to those who are anti-mechele

Obviously we are dealing with some people who can't read! This is a site for POSITIVE feeds. If you don't agree or just want to post negative things, this is not the venue for it. Thanks, good people who can read and understand why this blog exist. Sorry from a frustrated mom who doesn't understand why her daughter is still in prison when the verdict had been overturned!

amazon wish list

This list has been temporarily deleted. Obviously someone is posting books that are NOT on her list. I have tried to fix this, but apparantly they are still getting in. Therefore, any books that appear on this list have not been put there by anyone authorized to do so. Thanks!!

Interesting bit of Alaska Law

Found this and thought it is interesting. Found under Alaska Rules of Crimimal Court under Arraignment. This should apply to people who has also retained counsel. Share your thoughts!

(c) Peremptory Disqualification of the Judge. At the arraignment of any defendent who has waived counsel shall be advised that the defendent may peremptorily disqualify the judge to whom the defendent's case has been assigned on the grounds that the defendent believes the defendent cannot obtail a fair and impartial trial before that judge. In any court in the state where a master calendar system has been adopted, a defendent who has waived counsel shall be advised at the arraignment that the defendent may give notice of change of judge under Rule 25.


A big thank you to everyone who has chosen to express their views to Judge Volland!! Many of you have sent me copies and I so very much appreciate it! We do have a voice, and last time I checked, we have a right to express those voices!!! Waiting on word for bail hearing and will post immediatelty!! Keep fingers, toes, etc. crossed and prayers won't hurt! Love and gratitude to all!