Sunday, March 28, 2010

update on bail hearing

Good morning to all!! Many of you have expressed your concern as to why Mechele is not out on bail. The restrictions that she may be placed on all have to be addressed before the hearing. In other words, we have to be prepared for whatever demands the court may place on her. We are frantically trying to accomplish that so that we do not run into any objections that we are not prepared to overcome. Please be patient, no one wants her out more than we do!! I will update you as soon as I can. As I mentioned previously, some details cannot be expressed on this blog,but as always please feel free to email me and I will try to answer any questions as best I can. And please continue your love and support to our Mechele. Thank you so much for all the letters, faxes, etc that you have send to me as well as political individuals relating to her case!! Hugs and gratitude to everyone!



Jess said...

This is good to hear! I have seen several shows about this case and heavily researched it as well as it peaked my interest. I could not believe how unjust this was and just seeing Mechele speak, it was so clear she was feeling real emotion and was truly innocent and I literally let out the loudest gasp when I heard she was actually found guilty. I am so glad that you will be getting a new trial and wish your family nothing but the best. You are all in my prayers and I hope you can bring her home soon.

sraddha54 said...

Those same programs, at least the 48Hours program concerning Mechele, has been updated to include the new information at the end of the show about Mechele's appeal being won. It's difficult for those who care about her to see her STILL incarcerated.

benedorm said...

Ugh, I'm sorry to hear it's so time-consuming! But all my best to you and to Mechele.

Cyndi said...

It has got to be very frustrating and emotional to have Mechele still in jail when she should not be. Has there been any discussing about when the Status Hearing will be? We wish you all well. There are so many innocent people in jail, and I think she is one of them.

Good luck!

Miranda Marie said...

Good luck we are praying for all of you in California.

*Pc Doctor* said...

First of all, the jury system in this country is a complete JOKE!!! Always has been.

We have everyday people siting on a jury with absolutely NO legal experience. Would you leave your car in the hands of your neighbor fcr repairs that is inexperienced?

I knew they would find Mechele Guilty from the on set. There was plenty of reasonable doubt, so what did they really find her guilty on? How about her background, Looks, perceived attitude, etc etc

Also, females on the Jury making decisions with a girl like Mechele, is NEVER a good thing for a variety of reasons, all female related

I will say this much, if Mechele is to have any chance at all of beating this thing, she needs a POWERFUL ATTORNEY. The one who represented her was way too WEAK- WAY TOO WEAK!!!!!!!!!!!! Use him again, you dont stand a chance

I cant stress this strong enough. She needs a F. Lee Bailey type, no matter what the cost. Anything short of this, shes going back to jail to serve a life term.



Rick Corbin..Pittsburgh Pa

Turtlepace said...

Juries are supposed to consider the law and the evidence. It's not supposed to be a popularity contest. If the judge lets the prosecutor assassinate Mechele's character again, it may not matter how highpowered a lawyer she has, the jury may convict her again for reasons other than murder. The jury should not be looking at her not marrying Kent as a reason for convicting her. Just because he was obssessed with her and gave her lots of money to try to get her to marry him should not be a reason for convicting her. Just because something in him snapped from the disappointment should not be held against her. The evidence should be viewed in context--not at the convenience of the prosecutor.

Miranda Marie said...

*Pc Doctor*- Of coarse we have everyday people sitting on a jury that's the point! It is the job of the prosecutor and judge to make sure the court room does not become a personality/lifestyle contest, in Mechele's case this didn't happen, the prosecution was allowed to make this case a circus. It's a shame to because by judging Mechele's character they convicted an innocent mother whose child will never be able to get those missed nights back, anyway this is also not a case of "female issues", PCDOCTOR, it's ideas like that, that are the problem.

letmesay said...

Actually, I am ON jury duty right now, and jealous women absolutely do make for trouble, and Mechele is the type they'd hate. She's too cute. SO, NEXT TIME she needs a jury consultant. It sounds crude, but that guy is right about jury being SO MUCH the reason for Mechele's conviction. And you can get some very uneducated, unread people. They aren't bad-- just not Great jurors for a complicated case like this one.
Just expressing my opinion, and wishing the family well.

Rachelle said...

Thinking about Mechele and all of your family. Hoping the best for all of you:)

bmialone said...

"At any cost" is unsurmountable for most families, and they are not only required to pay giant salaries to their attorneys, but for all experts, all testing, all investigations, while prosecutors have a blank check in comparison. It's another reason our criminal justice system, all over the country, is such a corrupt, out of control system, devastating Americans every day. I am so sick of legislators copping out with the "both sides have representation and therefore an equitable chance. It just isn't true!