Tuesday, March 9, 2010

About this Site

By the way,

I don't run this site. I post when I can. Our dear friends, Kevin and Terry, started this blog site. My mother-in-law now mans the helm (or woman's the helm ;).

I could think of a million of things, off the top of my head, that I'd rather do than screen incoming blog posts concerning Mechele's trial. I got a taste of the mouth-breathers who post anonymous comments. And by the way... I don't read or watch anything concerning this trial. Got a feel for it at the beginning and then I bailed. Too much stupid. I haven't seen any of the television programs concerning Mechele. Why would I? They don't know her or know the trial. Mechele had told me day one I met her about the tragedy in Alaska. Her account is the only one that has never changed. Also, I actually sat through the entire trial. So, I know all the trial facts and also know all the situational facts.

I'm old school. If you are going to comment on an issue regarding me or my family... comment to me in person. I will then have a rational conversation about your opinions. I will take your comments into consideration and have a respectful response based on facts. Unfortunately, that is not how internet discourse takes place. Anonymity breeds cowards.

I am sorry that I don't have patience for that :(
I don't.
So, for the very low percentage of losers that like to talk about things they don't know about... move on. You are spinning your wheels. Get traction somewhere else. Or not.

For the vast majority of you who send your love and support...

Thanks :)
It keep us going. Love you all.



beemodern said...
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David said...

Dr. Linehan:
I have been following your wife's case. I think she has been unfairly judged by the public and the by system. If you need some help with her bail and have a trust set up, maybe I can help. Please contact me by email when the bail amount has been determined. - Dave

Anonymous said...

It's a shame that with everything you have going on, there are still people out there who feel the need to leave a negative comment on a website designed to help Mechele get out since it was clearly obvious she wasn't even in the state when the event happened! I feel so sorry for your family and your situation. The jury convicted Mechele because of a job that she had years ago. Im so sorry you have to deal with this.

Jennifer said...

Dr. Linehan--

Your family has been very classy through out this whole mess. What got Mechele could get anyone. Hw your family has acted and how Mechele has reacted is not sereotypical for how she was portrayed.

I pray that David is for real. May there be many blessings to him for being as he has said, and to your family. I hope that your daughter comes out of this able to make a difference in people's lives.

SeaTex said...

To all Mechele's family & friends: I understand your frustration with the negative traffic that comes your way via the internet but I would suggest that you simply delete it and do not respond. Response requires energy and gives mass to the negative. Let is pass into the ether and vanish. I send good thoughts for a positive outcome and hope these troubles are but a blip that will give strength and meaning to long and productive lives. In a song by by Carrie Newcomer she sings: "love and kindness is all we leave behind".

Anonymous said...

Dear Dr. Linehan,

I really do appreciate your frustration, anguish, and hurt even though I have never been in anything like the situation you have found yourself in. You, your family and obviously your wife have my very best wishes. You do not deserve what you are being put through.
I hope fervently that your nightmare will end very soon.
Best wishes
Phil M
(from the UK)

Anonymous said...

Colin, Sandy, and friends of Mechele:

Individuals haunting websites seeking to spew venom regurgitate all over people who do not even matter to them. That's pretty low, isn't it?

It isn't personal. At the expense of strangers, they look for available opportunities to act out with no accountability, and are seeking your attention because they are so dismally pathetic.

Free yourselves from such parasites. They do not matter. Remember, they do not know you; they do not know or understand about your specific case; and they will just anonymously move on to the next target. Emotional energy directed at them or suffered because of them is entirely wasted.

Bless your hearts for what you've been subjected to after losing your privacy. Delete and blocking are wonderful tools; I hope you use them liberally.

As for those sad sacks, the universe cares no more about them than it does anyone or anything else. If any are members of Mechele's professional opposition, then they are even more disgusting and unworthy of attention. Guard yourselves from the mentally ill, the vicious, and the slimy. The mentally ill can't help themselves, but the slimy and the senselessly vindictive? Karma and judgment awaits.

Kudos to the intelligent and kind who are sending you messages of support.

Special kudos to anyone in Mechele's community who shows the fortitude and courage to speak up on her behalf, rather than remaining silent with the majority as one of your community members is ruined without just cause by unethical, misogynist men in authority and the self-serving women helping them.

Shame on those who watch from afar while doing nothing to help. They can expect the same from their neighbors should they or their loved ones ever be in the same boat.

Chins up, all!

Grace said...

"Just keep awimming!" - Dori / "Finding Nemo"

wbciv78 said...

When will there be an update on Bail. She should be out by now and this should be dismissed!!!

Starla said...

I just saw a program on TV that said that Mechele's verdict was overturned. I'm so sorry that you all have to deal with another trial.

You have many people praying for her and your family. Stay strong, the truth will win out in the end! Absolutely STAY POSITIVE!

Keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers. Hopefully Mechele will be home where she belongs before long.