Sunday, August 31, 2008

The Giles Case: Good for Mechele's Case

This is slightly old news, but I just found a good article that describes the situation, so I figured I'd post it now.

A few months ago, the Supreme Court overturned the murder conviction of Dwayne Giles, ruling that allowing statements from the deceased victim to be used against the accused violates the defendant's right to confront the accuser.

Basically, the Supreme Court is saying that a dead person can't "testify" because he or she cannot be cross-examined. Although the ramifications for this sort of ruling are being questioned for domestic abuse cases, it is great for those of us who believe Mechele should be freed. The ruling sets a precedent saying that evidence such as Leppink's letter to his parents should be inadmissible because he cannot be questioned about it.

If you'd like to read more about the Giles case, go here.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Honi Martin's Reactions to Lora Aspiotis' Dateline Interview

from Honi Martin:

"I do not wish to come aross as attacking Ms. Aspiotis in any way, but I feel it is important that I counter some of the comments being made by her. Being that I lived with Mechele, I see things differently and feel it is important that I stand behind Mechele. After viewing my interview and Ms. Aspiotis', I was amazed at the differences and sincerity that appeared to be lacking in hers. Her interview appeared to be a string of calculated comments that were meant to get even with Mechele.

I had to ask myself, why would our interviews be so different? One of the things that stands out in my mind while I was dancing was how jealous another girl could become if she saw you as direct competition. Things could get downright nasty if a customer dropped one girl for another.
I may have to have my facts checked and forgive me if I'm wrong but, I believe it was brought out in Mechele's trial, that Ms. Aspiotis stated in her diary how much she hated Mechele. On the witness stand, she stated that she was a friend of Mechele's and had watched movies with her. To make one point clear, she never watched the infamous movie "The Last Seduction" with Mechele. This is a movie that Ms. Aspiotis saw with her husband, not Mechele. I also would like to state, that if this movie was so important to Mechele, why did I, her roomate, never hear her even speak of it? Yes, I would have to say that there are definite contradictions to Ms. Aspiotis' interview.

Back when I lived with Mechele, she was not a 'hard core animal activist', but a girl who loved dogs and birds. I think that it is laughable that a good percentage of the population in Alaska wears animal furs for warmth or leather shoes on their feet. Why can't a person wear these types of clothing and still love their pets.

The one thing that I agree 100% with is that Ms. Aspiotis stated that Mechele was not romantic with Kent! She wasn't and that is because they were not romantically involved. I've been saying this all along that TT was just a customer who had become a friend - but, he was still, just a friend. I have said this again and again, Mechele's relationship with TT was not romantic. He was never referred to as a boyfriend or lover. They never kissed or hugged or even held hands.

I thank you for pointing this out Ms. Aspiotis. TT himself could never have been confused about where he stood with Mechele. The lack of affection should have made it clear. What TT was, was obsessed. I even pointed this out to Mechele that he was obsessed with her. She thought hat I was over-reacting. I believe Mechele finally realized this much later on and was simply trying to break ties with him. TT's behavior was bizarre to me. He came over to our house to take care of our dogs while we were at work. He took it upon himself to vacuum, clean and cook while we were away. Almost, as if he were pretending to live there. I would have to say that most of the men that I met in the club that were frequent customers were a bit strange. Think about it, a man who comes night after night to sit and watch his favorite girl dance naked for him is kind of odd. Not only is it expensive, it is an addiction just like gambling or alcohol. There is something socially wrong with someone who has no other life than that of an adult club.

Lora points out that Mechele worked nonstop and in fact she did. Mechele worked hard so that she could save for her future education. Gold-diggers hope for money to fall into their lap whereas people who work hard for their money do not. Mechele was not neglecting a child or family by being at work. She was working for her future. Mechele didn't spend money on drugs or alcohol. This is one of the things that each and every dancer is faced with at some point in their job. Alcohol is served at their place of work. Drugs as well, are not hard to come by. I admire the fortitude she showed when staying away from the darker side of a dancer's lifestyle.

If Mechele was an actress, in Ms. Aspiotis' words, what was she? I don't believe any of the dancers within the club went by their birth names. A dancer relies on anonymity in order to protect themselves. Not all of the customers who come in the door are nice people. A customer who comes into the club is looking for something different. I expect Ms. Aspiotis was an actress herself when she was at the club. I don't expect she dressed the same way in the grocery store as she did at work.

In the end I believe Ms. Aspiotis has a long-standing grudge and is trying to get even. Sad as this may be, I don't know what else to think."

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Clips of Honi's Dateline Interview

The Dateline site has added some video clips to their website. I believe these are extra clips that did not make it into the actual show.

To see video testimony from Honi Martin, a friend of Mechele's while she lived in Anchorage, go here.