Sunday, August 10, 2008

Clips of Honi's Dateline Interview

The Dateline site has added some video clips to their website. I believe these are extra clips that did not make it into the actual show.

To see video testimony from Honi Martin, a friend of Mechele's while she lived in Anchorage, go here.


Turtlepace said...

I listened and watched the clip of Honi Martin which I thought was straight forward and earnest, but I found it intriguing to compare the clip of Honi Martin with that of Laura Aspiotis which followed it in the Dateline web-site. I found Ms. Aspiotis' comment about Mechele's love of animals to be peculiar and particularly unbelievable. Ms. Aspiotis seemed to say that Mechele's focus on work proves that she really didn't like animals at all.

Now I don't really want to call Ms. Aspiotis a complete liar. Maybe she didn't mean to, but she admitted that there was absolutely no romance between Mechele and Kent.

Diana said...

I watched the clips on this latest Dateline episode. Here are a couple of items I'd like to note:

1.) First, both Carlin and Mechele needed better lawyers. One thing I have learned from my work in the business world: Even people with degrees may not have enough common sense to get to the bottom of a mystery or problem. Some people are not logical enough when it comes to sorting out the facts of "what really has happened" in a situation. Being from the south, I can tell you, they have some of the best lawyers in the country.
Michele truly, needs a good lawyer.

2.) After wataching the interview with John Carlin, I began to realize that apparently some people do not realize just how long it takes to drive from Anchorage all the way down that really long, long road to Hope, AK.
He could not have made that drive in a couple of hours, I don't believe.

3.) I can understand Mechele calling NY Life wanting a refund. Somehow in court, it was conveyed that she was calling NY Life to see if the policy had been cancelled. She was calling to see if she could get some of the $2,600 back I'm sure. Why wouldn't she want that back? I believe she made that call because "she knew the policy had been cancelled." Since John stated he knew it had been cancelled, I'm sure he must have told her. It's funny how facts can get twisted around.

4.) If Mechele really was a murderer, why would her life so suddenly change? If you murder once, it is pretty highly likely you will murder again. I don't believe that Mechele would go to school, obtain her master's degree because she would want people to think she is not a murderer? I have a university degree myself, and no one goes through the hell of getting a degree because they think it will make them look like less of a murder? How stupid.

5.) The former friend of Mechele, Ms. Aspiotis--this is an interesting lady. She appears to be someone who was really jealous of Mechele, especially at the time they were both dancing, Mechele was probably her biggest competition.

6.) The next lawyer needs to take a really deep and detailed look at
TT's background. Since he was low enough to steal money from his parents then who knows who else he stole from. He was probably murdered by someone who knew both Mechele and John Carlin. This person probably knew about John's desert eagle, took the gun, killed TT and then returned it back to John's house. I'm sure since John had this gun, it had probably been shown to a lot of people. A lot of men like to show off their guns to friends.

7.) This story gets complicated because you have a situation where it appears that Michele is trying to slowly cut TT out of her life and probably John also BUT at the same time you have someone who wants to murder TT (other than John or Mechele) because TT has once again more than likely stolen money or goods and they(not Mechele or John) want him dead. TT just happens to get murdered at the same time Mechele trys to go out of town. She simply doesn't want for him to know what she is doing. Of course if you are not thinking in this direction and just "reading" notes and emails alone then the situation looks like something it is not. More background needed to be presented on TT. Did anyone do a credit check on him? Did he owe a lot of money? You can't just look at emails between John, TT and Mechele. All of the facts need to be presented and definitely more info needs to be presented on all of the details of TT's life.


Mechele's Friends said...

Excellent points, Diana. I would need to double check with Mechele, but I think the sense you are getting about Lara Aspiotis is correct. I don't get the feeling they were really good friends. Honi, however, was Mechele's roommate and friend. (And still is her friend.)

As far as the lawyers go, you may be right, and further investigation is certainly warranted. In their defense, and having watched the whole shebang a little closer, what the media did not show was that to convict Mechele on the evidence presented was nearly preposterous.

I was at home in Olympia for most of the trial and would watch what was going on from It would look AWFUL for Mechele. But then I would get a text from her or talk to her about it and she'd say it was a great day. They did not write about so many of the things that the defense totally blew out of the water and the way they discredited so many of the prosecution's witnesses and theories.

I believe her lawyers didn't feel the need to incriminate anyone else because it was pretty clear that the prosecution did not do their job of proving, beyond a reasonable doubt, that Mechele and Carlin were the killers. Carlin's entire trial was, as he himself has commented upon, completely and utterly laughable. The whole thing centered on Mechele. And her conviction was based upon a bunch of hearsay and emails taken out of context. And, the jury members said themselves, the fact that her job "proved" she was a manipulator. (I think her job proved that she was actually pretty up front about what she was doing. No one becomes a stripper to "land a millionaire". It's work. I'm sure it's hard work. And Mechele is an incredibly hard worker. But, I digress.)

Mechele got the best she could get as far as lawyers and they definitely did her a better service than Carlin's lawyers, in my opinion, who had to go with public defense. It is interesting to me to see the differences in their situations (Mechele's and Carlin's) based on the fact that she could afford more time and representation than he could. (She was able to be out on bail before her trial and he was not.) As awful as her situation is, I look at his and feel for him as well, since his resources were extremely limited. Of course, now it is getting harder and harder for Mechele and her family, the longer this goes on.

I think that each step of the way both Mechele and Carlin (and their lawyers) just thought there was no way they could get convicted on what was being presented. It was a scary eye opener when not only did they both get convicted, but both thrown the maximum sentence.