Monday, March 1, 2010

to those who are anti-mechele

Obviously we are dealing with some people who can't read! This is a site for POSITIVE feeds. If you don't agree or just want to post negative things, this is not the venue for it. Thanks, good people who can read and understand why this blog exist. Sorry from a frustrated mom who doesn't understand why her daughter is still in prison when the verdict had been overturned!


Turtlepace said...

I've tried to understand why some people want so badly for Mechele to be guilty. They insist that the proof is in the mountains of things that are saying about her, but they never have any reason that directly points to what they mean. I think they resent that she was an uncontrollable young woman. Kent Leppink had so graciously offered to control her and she had refused. The shock drove him to his death and for that they hold her responsible.

Richyrich said...

They are jealous (brain dead also), its the same reason she sits in prison even now! It has nothing to do with her being involved in a murder!!!

livieandhermommies said...

I cannot believe that the so called - "justice system" has allowed Mechele to remain in prison, for AN ENTIRE MONTH - after overturning her conviction!!!!
ONE FULL MONTH - for them to sit around, decide to re-try her, sit around, decide when to have a hearing on the posibility of bail AND CONTINUE TO SIT AROUND, while the lives of Mechele, her husband and dtr, not to mention mother, sister and all other friends and relatives continue to be torn apart. This is unconscionable!!!

beemodern said...

The prosecution will drag everything out for as long as they can out of pure spite. Pure woman hating, prideful, mean, abuse of power spite. This is one example of how the American justice system is not really about justice at all.

Turtlepace said...

I don't think the women and men who convicted Mechele hate all women. I do think they have a bias to think of young attractive women as either angels or demons. They had plenty of information that Mechele used manipulation and seduction to entice men into giving her money. By assasssinating her character they made her existentially evil, and assumed that one "guilt" pointed to another larger guilt. The people who insist on her guilt without clear evidence say she is guilty because they denigrate her.

Anonymous said...

Alaska's AG, the prosecutor, and the judge had and have no problem stereotyping women and accepting stereotypes of women. The local press had no problem promoting stereotypes.

People did and do denigrate Mechele, but they feel justified in doing so because of her brief stint as an exotic dancer. There is nothing else in her history that is especially different from many millions of us, male and female, when we were young and single.

They do not have evidence of her crime, they do not have evidence of a string of victims throughout her life (which there would be if she had the mental defect they claimed), yet they denigrate her; they assassinate her character anyway.

Why it is misogynist is that it isn't the same sort of character assassination that is used against men. Ugly crimes happen in Alaska almost every day, but there is no coverage of any kind regarding the sexual relationships of the people involved, nor of alleged sexual relationships. In fact, last year there was case of a man killing his friend over a woman and there was no salacious coverage at all, and the prosecutor didn't make hay of the love triangle. The man who just admitted guilt for the murder of an attractive middle-aged woman up here, who was acquitted of a similar crime several years ago, and who it appears is a serial killer of middle-aged women, received no salacious coverage, and the prosecutor didn't bother to promote it.

Men's sexuality is not used against them. In fact, misogynists ignore the sexual aspect of most men's behaviors, even many crimes; are quick to protect men from criticism and to defend men; while they are just as quick to denigrate women for the same and even lesser behaviors. Women are presumed to be of bad character, and capable of much worse if they dare to exhibit open sexuality and if they are unapologetic for it.

In this case, the state painted a picture of two almost middle-aged men as though they were helpless victims of a sexual predator, a 21 to 23-year-old girl!

What person has been all those ages, and/or has children that young, believes such young ones could ever be responsible for said person's behaviors? Only those who have negative beliefs about women and who have sexist attitudes about female sexuality could play such mind games with themselves.

Furthermore, when did older adults chasing after youths, offering them money, trying to get them to have a personal relationship with them, suddenly become the victims in our society rather than the predators?

When did older men offering money to young women to take their clothes off, frequenting businesses that make money off of exploiting hungry young women, become merely victims?

Anonymous said...

Those in authority in Alaska, and those in a position to mold public opinion, vilified the female while completely ignoring the smarmy behaviors of the male she was accused of conspiring against, and they focused almost entirely on her sexuality to do so. That's woman hating. As for the jurors and the reporter writing most of the stories? Women can be sexist and misogynist too. Women are often all too eager to sell out other women.

And why were the public and the jurors so willing to unthinkingly ignore the glaring problems with this case? Why are officials silently accepting the prosecutor retrying Mechele, wasting scarce resources as Alaska faces all kinds of economic problems? Why have the Linehans' community members silently accepted what has happened to her, and why were they so willing to believe yellow journalism? (There are many more well educated people in Olympia, WA than there are in Anchorage.) Because they aren't going to put themselves out to speak up for a woman with a scarlet H for harlot plastered on her. Even those who think of themselves as progressive, or as feminists, can be too quick to climb on that bandwagon.

Just like the story of Adam and Eve, and countless other stories throughout history, so much of what happens to women in our culture is justified in some way, even if unconsciously, by some tie-in with their daring to be openly sexual or too independent. If a woman dares to be both? That's pretty much a sin, leaving her no right to an expectation of fairness. Men and women, any parents of daughters, should be concerned when authorities can still use women's sexuality for witch hunts.

The sickening double-standard toward women is one of the gut-wrenching aspects of this case, for women.

aaron said...

Welcome to "Injustice, American Style" Having been wrongly convicted myself and victimized by the system which now holds Mechele's fate in its' hands, I can offer this advice: DA's are quick to accuse and anxious to convict - often times even knowing someone is innocent because job performance is more important than integrity and humanity - but the wheels of justice turn very slowly once a high court overturns a lower court's decision. A law should be passed which holds everyone involved responsible for considering such evidence as a movie to destroy someone's life. Regardless of if the judge "allowed" it or not, each person on that jury should have known better. The system is designed to pick non-critical thinkers to sit on juries. Mechele's case reiterates that "trial by jury" truly are the three scariest words in the english language.

To Mechele, family and friends, best of luck to you all. May you be reunited soon.