Monday, March 1, 2010

Interesting bit of Alaska Law

Found this and thought it is interesting. Found under Alaska Rules of Crimimal Court under Arraignment. This should apply to people who has also retained counsel. Share your thoughts!

(c) Peremptory Disqualification of the Judge. At the arraignment of any defendent who has waived counsel shall be advised that the defendent may peremptorily disqualify the judge to whom the defendent's case has been assigned on the grounds that the defendent believes the defendent cannot obtail a fair and impartial trial before that judge. In any court in the state where a master calendar system has been adopted, a defendent who has waived counsel shall be advised at the arraignment that the defendent may give notice of change of judge under Rule 25.


Anonymous said...

Now that's good to know, especially given the problems with the trial last time.

livieandhermommies said...

Interesting... Does this mean Mechele would have to "fire" her lawyers for that court appearance?

Whatever works to get the fairest trial and trial judge!