Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Happy Easter

Hi to all!! Wanted to share this picture of one of our dear blogger friends. That is true support for our cause!!! We are hoping for a bail hearing this week. Have all our "ducks in a row," and hope to have Mechele out soon!!! Thanks, for all the supportive comments and emails!!! Love to all of you and will post IMMEDIATELY with news!

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qbirdq said...

Mechele is innocent. Can a Prosecutor hate one person this much that a case can be created and a story sold to a group of people who will believe it. What is going on in our country?

If Mechele is set free she will take years to get over this. Her very sanity must be tested. She is a very attractive woman who did a job so many despise. The media should be ashamed of the choices made when describing Mechele and her life.

I am afraid to ever get on the wrong side of the law in the USA. Thankfully there are those on this forum and other forums who support Mechele and others in her position. God speed her release and I pray she and her family will heal when this comes to an end.