Monday, April 12, 2010

Good Morning!

Hi everyone!! Thanks so much for all the encouraging emails, posts, letters, etc that you are sending our way!!! We have been busy getting prepared for bail hearing which we HOPE will be this Friday!! Please feel free to email me personally if you have any questions and don't feel comfortable asking them on the blog. Please be patient, as I mentioned before, this is a public site for anyone to read. And again, it has been created for our family and our friends therefore no negative comments will be posted. Hang in there with us......will post AS SOON as I have more info!! Your emails, etc are keeping me sane during this frustrating time!! Hugs to all of you!

PS Mechele said thanks for all the encouragement and support...she looks forward to posting herself when she gets out!!


Military Momz said...

I saw this case on Snapped last night and admit it peaked my interest. I am very interested in the outcome and hope Mechele is home with her family soon! God Bless You All!

Raul de Cabo Calzada said...

Good luck, all my good wishes, a great hug. Only four days!!

Raul de Cabo Calzada said...

Good luck, all my good wishes, a great hug. Only four days!!

Brian Watt said...

Thank you Sandy. I send my love and support to Mechele and Colin, and both their extended families, from back here in Pennsylvania.

I am sending as many good vibrations as I can, everyday, to all of you. It is easy to forget, that someday, all of you will feel joy and happiness. And that you are allowed to feel that joy, everyday.

When you live through a nightmare like this case, it is easy to forget a normal way of living, with peace and happiness and love. When the world tells nothing but lies about you, it's hard to keep your head up. So to Mechele and Colin, and to your respective families and friends, whatever love I have, I send to all of you. Everything is going to be alright. Peace.

benedorm said...

Once again, best of luck with all this!

I'm guessing it's probably better to wait at this point than send another letter up to Mechele? I'm hoping anyway that she'll be home before she would get it :)

qbirdq said...

I wish Mechele and her family best wishes for the bail hearing. Let's hope her bail is set at a reasonable level and the Court does not continue to punish her.

It makes me shiver to think of what Mechele has endured, not knowing if she will be around to raise her daughter and be with her husband and family.

Perhaps stick the Prosecutors in Jail for a while and they may re-think how they do their jobs and realise they do not have the right to ruin lives in the process of chalking up a win. It's a game to them, of that there is no doubt!

Of course, the Leppink family have lost a son. This is a tragedy and I'm sure we all share in their grief. Prayers go out to the family.

Mechele must not pay the price for a crime she did not commit. Overall, this case is too sad for words.

mzzbabycakes said...

Good luck to you! My family and I have said a prayer for Mechele and all involved. This can't go on forever, she will be free again.