Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Hi to all!!!

I have had a few request for updates so I will comply! We have no news from the appeal court. But, we didn't expect anything quite this early. I certainly hope they give us an answer before they take off for the summer!! Don't quite understand if they are so backlogged how they can retire for the entire summer. We are still extremely optomistic and will continue to be!! If any of you are interested in reading "The Secret" it is a great book. I find it helpful in dealing with all aspects of one's life. We are still collecting letters of support. Thank all of you who have written, and for those that haven't, please write!!! I will keep everyone updated as soon as I know anything. Mechele is very excited that our home town team is on their way to the Super Bowl this Sunday. So join us in cheering our beloved Saints to victory!! Thanks, guys, for your calls, emails, letters and everything you do to make it easier to deal with this horrible misjustice!!

Geaux Saints!!

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