Tuesday, February 23, 2010


People's response to the State of Alaska's decision to re-try Mechele has been overwelming! Many people, especially taxpayers of the state are outraged. For those of you who have expressed your opinion I encourage you to speak out to the politicians, prosecutors and media!! Let them know how you feel. Although our attorney has agreed to take the case on a pro bono basis, there will still be expenses incurred. Witnesses will have to be flown in, accomodations provided, etc. From what we hear, a bail hearings will be schueduled within the next week. As always I will keep you informed as I find details out. We still stand strong in our belief that our Mechele will be home permantly! We hope that the media will give our case fair exposure this time around. We know that we have a tremendous support system in place and rely heavily on them to get us throuh this next trial. My thanks again to each and every one of you for your kindness, support and the wonderful emails, calls, prayers,letters and blogposts. Perhaps our battle has just begun but we have complete faith and confidence that we will prevail and that Mechele and Colin and our family will be able to put this behind us and resume our lives. With much love and affection to all of you!


baby said...

I am disturbed that this is going to Phil Volland again. That he gave her 99 on circumstantial evidence and how he ran that trial is wrong. Judges don't like retrying and they often give worse just to prove the point that they are running the show.

Please make a stand, Friends of Mechele-- do a page on how Alaskans may contact their lawmakers and get laws changed. If someone wins an appeal, they should get a different judge automatically.

Raul de Cabo Calzada said...

The things will be better, I'm sure, the most important thing now is she must to be in home and rest