Monday, February 22, 2010


Just a quick update....State of Alaska has deceided to re-try Mechele. Do not have any details as yet,but will post as soon as I know more. This, of course is not the decision we would have preferred, but it is better than taking it to the Supreme Court which would have prolonged things forever!!! Thanks to all of you and has soon as I know details, Iwill let everyone know!
Much love!


livieandhermommies said...

Oh Sandy! I am sorry to hear this, not the way we had hoped for result! But, like you said, at least it isn't the Supreme Court option. Will pay for favorable bail hearing.

mark said...

Will you appeal if you lose this time?
I wish you luck!

Cassy Downs said...

I wish they would come up with another way to spend the tax payers money then waste it on a trial on a woman that is innocent!! Well hopefully the truth will be seen at the next trial and Mechele can be home soon and put this whole mess behind her and move on.

Raul de Cabo Calzada said...

All my support, she'll be in home early. She deserve her life and be with her family. A great hut to Mechelle from Spain.