Tuesday, February 9, 2010

forgot to appeal to bail bonds people!!

Just in case any of you are reading this...we welcome your help!!! Hopefully, there are some bail bonds people out there that might heed out call!! Hopefully there are some of you out there that believe in our case to help us out. Recently, a bail bondsman paid the entire bond for a woman accused of murdering her child in south Florida...it would be nice to see someone in this profession to help out just to prove someone's innocence!


jayne said...

Contratulations Colin, Sandy and all of Mecheles friends and supporters who have kept things moving forward! Hopefully mechele will be home with her husband, daughter, family and friends before you know it. I am so happy for you all that the conviction was overturned! Lets just hope they see the light and set her free!! While its not over yet - things are definately moving in the right direction! I have followed Mecheles story for several years and knew the day would finally come. I hope you will all be able to share a long and happy life together.
The best to you all, Jayne.

Tulsa Bail Bondsman said...

Looks like this case is very interesting to follow. I am pretty much impressed about the people around Mechele that helps her. This is a great example.