Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A quick note!

Thanks as always for your blogs, and your personal emails!!! I will try to answer a few questions that have been raised. First, it is an automatic thing in Alaska that when a new trial is granted, it goes before the original judge, unless he excuses himself from the case. We have heard no word on that. We are preparing for the bail hearing and I don't know the exact date. I understand that the ADN website has a huge comment section and that many residents of Alaska are outraged. I don't always read those as you can understand that some are negative and they usually don't have their facts straight, but it still upsets me. I have not heard anything about asking for a change of venue. Personally, I don't know that would help our case since most of the world has heard about it! I promise to keep this blog updated and to answer all your personal emails. I did talk to Mechele early this evening and she is very excited about getting out on bond and being able to personally write on the blog. I encourage any of you that want to express your opinions to write to the DA and Atty Gen. (their numbers and fax are in my previous post) Also, post your comments on the ADN website.Some of you have written to the various politicians and believe me, they are appreciated. We have to do our best to make sure we get the media on our side and we are working with a PR person to help us with that. I will update as soon as I know more. Hugs out to all of you and thanks for your support!!!


Grace said...

Some of the most negative comments I have read about Mechele upset me too, even as a stranger-friend. Just as a thinking human being they bother me, so I can imagine how they affect you. It's too bad hatred is often more out-front than consideration because hate is so passionate where thougtfulness is milder and tends to be quieter. I'm just glad you all have so much support and love around you to buffer you some against that bad stuff out there.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad other people are expressing some outrage! It's about time :)

tammibambam said...

I am a friend of mechele's, I met her in hiland mtn. c.c. Tell her tammi says hi and I hope Lady is doing good and still not skittish.
I am mad that they media still refers to her as "stripper", I thaught that was suppose to stop??!!
I wish her the best and hope she gets to go home soon. I think she will win the best of this case, there is no hard evidence, and she deserves to go home.
Wish her the best for me and that i am keeping up with her on the internet.

SeaTex said...

FYI - I would check your amazon.com wish list. There seems to be some bizarre choices. I think someone may have hacked the list.

Mechele's Friends said...

thanks, SeaTex, didn't know they could do that. It has been corrected. Guess I will have to check that daily!! people need a life!

Turtlepace said...

Hecklers are preditory. They use suspicion to dominate. But they may be a key to understanding the menatality that just assumes Mechele is guilty of murder and keeps finding unfounded associations to link her to Kent Leppink's death. I hope the lawyers can determine the common denominator that links people that have closed minds so that they can keep them off the jury.