Monday, February 15, 2010

Thanks from Mechele

Good morning all!!! I talked to Mechele last night and she asked me to post this for her. She wants to thank all of you for the gifts and letters and most of all the support you have sent!! She is out of envelopes and won't get any until 10 days!! She has letters to you but can't mail them until she gets the envelopes. Of course we can't send them to her, she has to buy them. Crazy, I know. But she did want me to let you know she is be patient, she will mail them soon. Thanks to all...and will keep you updated on our progress!! Happy Valentines Day to all our wonderful followers!! You are in my heart!


Amani said...

I just saw the 48 Hours Mystery show about Mechele. While I usually love to see the female "killers" convicted, it is so clear Mechele had nothing to do with this murder. I cannot believe that ridiculous prosector trying to bring in that movie, preposterous. And so what if she was a stripper - a stripper does not make a person a killer. And she made a poor choice a long time ago. So what!

What a bunch of silly old fools falling for a beautiful young woman. It's so obvious Carlin thought if he got rid of Leppink he would be in with a chance with her. That man is a liar, and completely unbelievable. As for Leppink - his story reeks of desperation, paranoia, revenge and poor mental health.

Colin, I hope your wife is home soon, with you and your daughter. i hope you can find some peace at last and move on with your lives together.

from Australia with love and hope.

Alaskansheilah said...

I don't know Amani. I've wondered all along if John Carlin III actually did kill Leppink. I'm thinking his killer's still at large or perhaps soon to be. You know Carlin was murdered while in jail. YES, in jail, locked in, with all the 24/7 cameras and etc. And they still don't know who killed him. Ain't that a hoot?! Bigger mystery than who killed Leppink! Sure doesn't seem like our Justice System is very effective in finding out who the guilty party (ies) is/are does it?
Can't blame Mechele or hers for this one. Sure seems "fishy".