Tuesday, February 9, 2010

she's not home yet!

Hi to all!! Ok, this is what I know. We are still waiting for the prosecution to decide what they are going to do. Letters are being sent now, yes the ones you sent: to the prosectution..just to put every body on alert...we may have to do a major "bail bond" fund raiser to get her out while we wait.. if that is necessary, we will appoint a trustee, that willl not be a family member nor friend, but more than likely an attorney that will be held accountable for these funds. This may be the only way we can get her out on bail while awiting a new trial. I will be able to elaborate on this at a later date..but I do want everyone that has supported us or may choose to participate in her bail bond that these funds can be a donation or A LOAN to be repaid when the trial begins.Just trying to be realistic about where we are with this. Amazing that an appeal court has overturned her verdict and there is even a question of bail!!! Just gotta love Alaska's judicial system!! Your comments as always are so greatly appreciated...but feel free to share them with your local congressmen or representatives.'
Mechele's Mom


SamNJenny said...

Thanks for keeping us up to date! Here's hoping Mechele is back with her family soon.


LaouidaMajorsDunn'sBlogger said...

How much is Mechele's bail?
Would $50,000 dollars help?
No need to pay Me back!

Mechele's Friends said...

Laouida, would you please email me at msylady@yahoo.com. Appreciate your post but think you made a typo!! But, if we have to post bond, any amount will help. These will be loans or donations. Would love to hear from you personally. Thanks! Sandy

LaouidaMajorsDunn'sBlogger said...

Exactly how much will bail cost? Let Me know something by Tuesday and I will help out as much as You need Me. I know Mechele years back in New Orleans and Mechele is the nicest Person anyone could have ever meet. Yep $50,000 is not a typo. I know Mechele is innocent and everyone else does too. I have heard bad things about the other side on the Leppink Family I think that is how Ya spell it, but anyways I have heard that most of his family has mental illnesses problems. I found some info about that and I will email Ya that as soon as I can get My MS Word to working again. Love and God Bless. call Me Tuesday@601-420-4086@home.