Friday, February 12, 2010


Thanks for all your emails!!! Don't have much to update but here is the latest. Mechele is not home! We are waiting for the DA's office to decide how they are going to handle the decision of the Appeal Court. Should they decide not to prosecute further, Mechele will be released. If they decide on either of their other options (1. To challenge the decision to the Supreme Court or 2. To re-try the case) then a bail hearing will be held. They do have a time limit on when they have to respond. I am not sure exactly when that is, but have heard it is Feb. 23. I am frantically copying all your letters and putting them in a packet to send to the DA, Atty, General and anyone else, including the media that we feel would be effective. We are working on a plan for her bond, should that be necessary. I want to thank all of you who have offered suggestions as well as offered donations. I hope this won't be necessary, but we have to be prepared. We do not know what to expect from the bail hearing, so we can't really proceed until we know what happens next. For anyone that still wants to send letters, please do so!! Email them to me. Anyone who wants to assist in our efforts to post bail, please email me personally as well. It is hard for us to ask for this help, but unfortunately our families funds are pretty tapped out. We will provide a trustee and documentation of all funds received. If you have any questions, please email me. For all our Alaska friends, you are extremely important to this cause. You are the taxpayers that pay these peoples salaries!! If there is a new trial, or an appeal to the Supreme Court, you will foot the bill. So please feel free to contact your local politicians, the Atty. Gen. office and/or the DA's office. We are at a critical time now and your help is not only needed but so very vital in bringing Mechele home. This decision from the Appeal Court is the first good news we have had in four years, and we are very grateful but it is still not over. I know I sound repetitive, but you will never know how much joy each and every one of you has brought into Mechele and all our family's hearts. You have been the beacon at the end of a very long tunnel. My love and gratitude cannot be put into words.

Mechele's mom


Grace said...

On the edge of my seat!

livieandhermommies said...

They need to release her!! Someone who is now "NOT" convicted should NOT be spending her days in a correctional center waiting for the same Nin-com- poops who are responsible for her being there, to FINALLY decide to do the right thing and SEND HER HOME!

Katie Bloodworth said...

Wonderful for Mechele. I have followed this from the beginning and my hopes and prayers are with you all.