Friday, February 5, 2010

First Impression

I appreciate the appellate decision today. It supports my belief that the trial of Mechele was fraught with error.

First, this decision would never have been possible without the defense conducted by Kevin Fitzgerald and Wayne Fricke. You might pause and say that there wouldn’t need to be an appellate decision if the defense was conducted different. “Mechele would have been found ‘not guilty’ from the start if a different defense was employed”. I think you would be wrong. This jury convicted Mechele before the case was over.

Mr. Fitzgerald and Mr. Fricke called foul many times and created an appellate record. We had many appellate points that were valid and documented by counsel. It is my belief that there were many more errors in this trial. However, out of the dozens of points illustrated by Mr. Fitzgerald, our appellate attorneys had to narrow it down to three. And that is where Miss Orlansky, Mr. Feldman, and Mr. Bryner come in.

The firm of Feldman, Orlansky & Sanders navigated the potential appellate points and chose the course that would best combat the errors of the trial court. They are brilliant and a tribute to the American justice system.

You see, it was not a fair trial. We played by one set of rules and the Prosecution chose to play by another. They played to the media while we played by the rules. The judge erred (more on this later after sleep) and was called on it by a higher court. No dispute.

I am grateful that the American justice system checked and balanced. And as I stated, there were more errors in this trial than the errors we challenged. However, the errors in trial presented by Mr. Feldman were stark.

A new trial will be forthcoming. An astute defense will follow. More witnesses have come forward and we will challenge the Prosecution narrative more aggressively. But… we will NOT try this case through the media. Therefore, we apologize if that is what you are looking for. You will not see me or Mechele on the 11:00 (2300) news. Sorry.

Thank you for your support.


jordan1976 said...

is there any ward as to when this trial will take place? will michelle be given bail until this trail takes place? or will she be released?

jordan1976 said...

I and i am sure many others wonder if Michelle will have an option to bail out of prison or jail until this trail takes place or will she be released?

Bmialone said...

Thank you, Colin, for taking the time to post something tonight.

cairnmom said...

It's a definite step in the right bring Mechele back into the loving arms of her family.

Alaskansheilah said...

Here's to Mechele walking out of prison and resuming her real life as shortly as is humanly possible.

What a travesty the legal system should have chosen to try her in the first place. Be nice if they'd have paid more attention to the mental illness aspect of these sick dudes she was victim to.

Thanks for correcting me and others about her original defense, Colin. You're truly a magnanimous personality. No wonder Mechele chose you as her life partner. Keep the faith.

Alaskansheilah said...

Why another trial? The Appellate Court can surely see she's been railroaded. They have the power to set her free don't they? Just how much does the poor woman and her family have to go through?

Sorry about the double entry. I reread your post Colin. I think I'll write the Appellate Court as well asking this very question. This whole witch hunt is appalling and absurd.

Do/have any of the "strip clubs" stepped up to the plate and have in place a defense for Mechele fund going? Just wondering. She wouldn't be in this mess to begin with if the Merchant classes weren't so willing to exploit sex.

This could happen to any ecdysiast out there! Or even the waiter/waitresses/bartenders/club owners. Hey really! Seems back then she was one of their "stars".

Forgive me my outrage. But you know, I worked in those bars for about a decade in the serving sector. What I witnessed was that your loving Mechele, could have easily been the victim, and in too many ways to mention actually was!

Women who are barely women, working in these clubs, actually still girls, go missing all the time. But the law doesn't go out of their way to look for them if they're over 18. HELLO?! The justice system is crammed with such cold cases here, and the only reason they're not pursued is MONEY...those who care don't have the bucks to garner the attention.

These strip clubs are like black holes! TOO MANY turn up dead, fall prey to alcoholism, drugs, and abuse of all sorts: the age requirement should be lifted to 30 for performers as well as servers. Not that that will remedy the issues, but at least people might have a clue about what they're getting themselves into before they get in to it.

I'm quite sure Mechele sure didn't earn anything like what this case is costing her. Even if acquitted...she'll go through life like a Lizzy Borden. (Who also was finally found innocent, but public opinion ostracized her for several lives!) These costs should be paid for by the Justice System!

In Seward we the people of Alaska are still paying to the tune of 90K a year to house and feed one of the filthiest most dangerously rabid madmen to walk the planet. Who admittedly killed 17 dancers ("to the best of his recollection") HE GOT 300 YEARS because of the liberal politics of the time.

Why isn't Robert Hansen retried??? Surely they could find something Federal to throw at him! Alaska wouldn't have caught him if his own actions didn't finally gross him out. He turned himself in too, but that's alpha and omega to the similarities between he and Mechele. Mechele didn't stalk, kidnap, hold hostage, hunt and kill anyone. This "Jack the Ripper" mentality here in Alaska is the real frightening matter.

I'm singing to the choir here. I'll direct my question and reasoning to the Alaska Courts. Mechele deserves to be released, for reasons too numerous to mention.

Sorry about the rant.

Anonymous said...

I'm so happy for you and your family. Here's hoping that the next trial is conducted fairly and justly.

~Sam E.

free mechele shes innocent said...

Mechele needs to be set free.I think she has served enough time for something she clearly did not do.I think of her family everyday.I know Alaska will see she is in the wrong place and when she does get out I am payiny for a well needed vacation so she can reunite with her husband and child.Please Pray..Tina Brady