Saturday, January 9, 2010

Happy New Year!

Hello to all! Sorry I am so late posting! It has been crazy here!! So glad the holidays are over!! A big thanks to everyone who sent cards, letters and gifts to Mechele! She is so very grateful and so are we!! Lots of new posts on the blog. For those of you who have asked questions, if you will look at older blogs I think some of your questions may be answered there. We have no new news on the appeal. As we knew, this will be just a "wait and see" process. We are so thankful for the letters so many of you have sent on her behalf. It is not to late to send one if you have not done so. We will be using these letters once the appeal has been granted to do a "blitz mailout" to anyone that will be involved or have any influence in support of our cause. The holidays were difficult for us and they will continue to be until Mechele is home again. But we have faith that the sytem will prevail and we will be granted a new trial! Please keep our blog active and thank you all so very much for your support!!!



B Tippie said...

I will keep Mechele and her entire family in my prayers. I admire your strength.

richyrich said...

This is one of the scariest stories that I've ever heard!
To think that TWO people can be sent to prison for LIFE (99y)
simply because of a STORY spun by an overzealous prosecuting
office is horrifying! For one person, so far, it really was a life sentence! How sad! I'm sure he (John) could have made things easier on himself if he had testified against Mechele. So why didn't he? BECAUSE HE HAD NOTHING INCRIMINATING TO OFFER AGAINST HER! Why? Because Mechele wasn't involved! She wasn't even in town at the time! And if this was her plan, he certainly could have made things easier on himself by saying so and testifying against her!

For Mechele, A SOCCER MOM and no threat to society, every day
she spends UNJUSTLY locked up in prison is a SIN! Did the prosecution even consider the possibility that the man
who was killed arranged it himself?
What a great way to get even
with the girl he couldn't keep, and whoever she's with at the time!His letter was nothing more than a fishing expedition! It was proof of NOTHING other than the fact that he planned to soon end his own life! I was a "goodbye" letter to his parents, a last will. He did have GREAT timing! The very DAY he hired someone to kill him his letter arrived at his parents house! (What a coincidence)!

The story that convicted
Mechele makes NO sense! To me, a hard working, tax paying, normal citizen, this is one of the most obvious cases of injustice that I've ever heard of!

One dishonest man, with a troubled past, and a history of STEALING FROM HIS OWN PARENTS, and possibly even a closet bisexual, who was rejected by the woman he loved, a woman who he was obsessed with, thought "if I cant have her NOBODY can, and NOBODY will"!
Of course his mother believes his story! But his letter was obviously written out of spite and the jealous mind of a scorned lover, yet the persecutors (yes PERSECUTERS) have accepted it as fact! This poor woman, who every man hates because she's not theirs, and every woman hates because they're not her, never stood a chance!

I'm nobody special, I'm not a lawyer or a politician, but as a citizen of the United States of America and a hard working family man, I must say that it is frightening that a fellow citizen can have her life thrown away for possibly doing nothing wrong at all! If she did do something wrong I have yet to hear what it was! She watched a movie? She worked odd jobs, saving money to put herself through college? That is a crime? And if she did murder this guy or arrange it then PROVE IT! Then sentence her based on her recent behavior as well as her past deeds! How many irredeemable pieces of child molesting, rapist scum are released from prison EVERY SINGLE DAY? Here is a woman who worked hard for many years, who put herself through college, which was her stated goal in the first place, who is a tax paying, productive member of her community, and we, the people, wont let her live her life, a life she has dedicated to helping others with medical needs! This makes NO SENSE! Shame on us, we, the people, for not letting her live her life!

God help the next of us who commits the crime of not loving someone who is infatuaded with us! THAT is all she is guilty of! If Mechele is gulity of murder based on this fairy tale, than so can anyone, YOU or ME, be next!
Richard Finkel
US Citizen