Friday, May 21, 2010

from mechele

2 of 3 Funny Bits
I used a public restroom and cracked myself up as I reached for the protective toilet seat cover with tissue covered fingers; after all I had just left a highly charged bacteria-viral fiesta. After all what was I afraid of catching?
I did a load of heavily bleached whites, checking over my shoulder as I poured the contraband into the modern washer (with way too many selections of pre-wash, pre-soak, agitation speed, soak length).
Went to buy a toothbrush and was excited and amazed. I miss my commissary choosing for me and delivering it to me. I order a toothbrush and nine days later it arrives. After standing in awe of every adjective used, I figure I must need all of them, why else would they sell them. However I couldn’t find one that offered everything. In the end, I simply shrugged and walked away, thinking the one I had would be fine till the next time, when I am more prepared for the big decision. Obviously I haven’t done enough research. I think the commissary people must really know what they’re doing. I appreciate them, and thought of them fondly as I walked away. Perhaps I will send them a note. First time I missed something from HMCC.


letmesay said...

Get a cute character-tooth-brush, and one for AUDREY to match. You'll use them first thing in the Am, and last at night. Bet she can pick them out... Hope you journal each day of this, you'll change SO MUCH (ILL BET) when time passes a while. Sounds like hubbie and little one are doing well. I have been thru a lot from mistakes back in my early 20's as well, wonder how it is SO MANY chicks move right on thru those days without anything adverse? None the matter... ENJOY EVERY SECOND.
Every second of life because you can dare to dream now they'll drop this.Woman to woman, No offense, but when you were a kid back when, those guys weren't exactly, hmmmmmmmmm,anyway,not your type. Hindsight, right? ;/

bmialone said...

@letmesay: As a woman who was on my own at a young age, my answer to your question about how so many females move right through those days without anything adverse is that it is random luck, just plain old random luck, nothing better or more. Running across the wrong person/s at just the right (or wrong depending on how one looks at it) time when one is young, inexperienced, still developing, naive, and impulsive (all the hallmarks of youth) while someone else doesn't have those elements come together like a perfect storm is the main difference. Our culture is still misogynist because it still allows women to be punished for ever having dared to be overtly sexual and independent. In an increasingly unforgiving and punitive culture, and one with the technology to follow a person forever, bad luck is all it takes to ruin the lives of decent people, female and male.

letmesay said...

B, you are so right. The double-standard IS THERE, and men do things to "sew their oats," while women are "sluts." There are many women who lived more sheltered lives, that do not realize it. They don't know about men at all. They need to stick by their own gender more often and ask questions. Thanks for your response. Jealous women have criminal minds.

PALancia said...

I am happy you're out!

Best regards and good luck!!