Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Does the system work?

Hello to all our faithful followers!! Casey Anthony has been found not guilty on all major counts. Regardless of how you feel about the verdict. I am just curious as to how many of you out there believe in our current jury system? David, thanks for your recent post and as an attorney I would especially be interested in yours. There has been conversations in the past as to a "professional jury system." That would make sense to me. Please feel free to follow us on Facebook as that site seems to be a little more active than this one is. Since this is sort of a "quiet time" in our on-going legal battle there is probably more interaction there. As things develop I will definately be up dating this blog as well. It never ceases to amaze me how many lives are disrupted by legal action whether they are justified or not. Peoples lives are changed forever. There have been blessings as well. We have truly been blessed by the continued support of our families, friends and perfect strangers that felt drawn to our situation. For that I will be forever grateful. Hugs to all you dear people who believe in our Mechele and continue to offer us your love, prayers and support!

Mechele's mom


Casey Anthony's Death Wish said...

I followed the Casey Anthony trial because I saw a prejudice against her that was not may not have been the same in detail but was the same in general to the prejudice against Mechele Linehan. I read a lot of the reader's comments and found suspicions used for certainties about Casey like I found in reader's comments about Mechele.

I think the jury imported to Orlando actually tried to understand what really happened and refused to convict Casey when they found the accusations unsupported by evidence. I hope that when Mechele goes on trial again, she will get a jury who are more interested in justice than just punishing somebody because they don't know who else to blame.

When emotions run high as they did in Orlando, the mob mentality seems to take hold and demands its way.

BruceR said...

I have followed both cases, and in both instances the women were convicted by the media, much more so in Mechele's case that Casey's. The prosecution had nothing but circumstantial evidence in Mechele's, and little of that. What they r saying is that Michele went from being a sociopath to being an extraordinary Mother, Wife, and family member, I dont have a PH.D., but that just doesn't happen. They r saying that she manipulated men into giving her everything, and then she wanted what? Kent Leppink had many enemies, and Mechele wasn't 1, the defense didn't bring up his past from what I have read, and he had a very shady past, stole from his parents, and other unsavory things from what I can remember of my research of him. I can't believe that the prosecution is actually going to try her again, what a great waste of taxpayer dollars, they will lose if it goes 2 trial, because of the lack of evidence in the case.

letmesay said...

Casey was given NO blame for ANYTHING that happened to the little girl. And the jury was ready to go home. If I had a trial pending as Mechele does this would unnerve met to no end. For instance, what if jurys now want to convict just to avoid the "Casey" effect? The jury system is flawed. How about weekend juries to get a wider variety of educational backgrounds? This cannot continue.

Alaskansheilah said...

GOD Forbid they do Letmesay. GOD Forbid they do wish to convict to avoid the 'Casey effect'.

Anonymous said...

I think that the way the jury system is today it is severely flawed. If I were on trial for my life I would NEVER go with one. I would opt for a judge trial. Mechelle has that option and should definitely think about it because they know the law and can weigh what is actually relevant. Jurors today lack the ability to stand up for what they believe. The Casey Anthony trial is a perfect example. Here were 12 jurors who 8 of them originally believed she was guilty of either 1st degree or manslaughter but who within 10 hours were able to drop their common sense and beliefs and vote to set her free. They couldn't have even gone over the jury instructions let alone go through 6 weeks of evidence in that time. They took no notes and in fact left their notebooks on their chairs in the courtroom. They requested no evidence to review from the judge. This means they had completely made up their minds before they even deliberated or they had been discussing it amongst themselves the entire time. I think the only thing on their minds when they went to deliberations was about how much money they were going to make from their controversial verdict. I would not want those types of people determining my future. At least a judge would not have a conflict of interest and they would know how to determine the lack of evidence.

No_Dum_Blond said...

Has the idea ever been brought up that maybe Kent Leppink hired someone to kill himself and frame Mechele and John. Everything he wrote,even the changed insurance policy, would have pointed the finger at just her and John Carlin, which could have been a great get even plan.

Anonymous said...

I've watched this case twice on ID television. I wholeheartedly believe Mechele should NOT be retried and let go. I will be watching this new trial and God-willing all will fall into place so she can go home once and for all. I am a praying woman and will pray for her acquittal.

Stella said...

Of all the people who have posted here on this topic, "Does the system work?", I would be interested to know how many have served on a jury? I'm always hearing of people who are trying to get off of jury duty, and of the 6 people who commented here, who actually has served on a jury?

When you have 12 people in a room discussing issues -- important issues -- IF you have been on a jury, could you relate, without using names, any situations where other jury members seemed either "not fully interested", or "aloof", or "in a hurry to get home", or "disinterested". I'm very curious because the atmosphere I personally encoutered was absolutely sobering and humbling to say the least. In my case, every single person took the issue we were talking about with the utmost seriousness and factors such as "wanting to get it over with", "more important things to do", or anything in that realm was not at all detected. Maybe I just got lucky, but I do know that personally, when I stepped in line with other jurors my whole consciousness and awareness changed and I noticed it.

My personal feeling is that it's every American citizen's duty, yes DUTY, to serve jury duty when asked.

Thank you for letting me comment. I appreciate being able to express my point of view.

sugar said...

I believe Michele is innocent, with that said, those of you who think Casey Anthony should be free are seriously delusional!! To beleive in Mechele doesn't mean you have to believe in Casey. She was NOT a victim as mechele is. To bring up Michele and Casey's name in the same sentence can only hurt Michele in the long run. Sorry, just got on a little rant there.