Monday, June 16, 2008

More updates on Mechele and her Amazon list

Hey all,

Just talked to Mechele today. She is VERY MUCH appreciating all the books and notes she's getting in the mail. She read a whole book yesterday. Mrs. Dalloway.

She did mention to me that she was having some issues with hardcover books. Technically, she can only receive paperback books. However, if she is sent a hardcover book, she can donate it to the library there and then take it out from the library. For some reason, that system hasn't been working for one or two books she received before we started this whole list. So, based on that info, I updated the Amazon list to include only paperback books. A few of them are not out in paperback yet, but will be soon, so they have preorder options.

Amazon also has a nice promotion they offer on many items called the 4 for 3 promotion. If you choose 4 books from this special, you get one for free. So, I went through and marked in the comments all the eligible books on the list. I'm pretty sure you could even use it with two addresses, so if you wanted to get a book or two for yourself from the 4 for 3 and send other(s), that would work, too.

As always, thanks!


Alexandra said...

I'm not sure what she does or doesn't have there, and I'm sure you know, but is one even allowed to send her anything besides books? For example I thought today that perhaps she could use some stationary to write her family with? Anyway let me know if those sorts of things are even alright to send.

Mechele's Friends said...

Thanks Alexandra! That is so sweet. I just asked your question to Mechele's mom. As I understand it, not a whole lot can be sent. I don't think she can get stationery. I think she can buy some things like that for herself through their commissary. She has money in her commissary account from the job she is working there, but I don't get the impression that it is a lot.

This is from the prison website:

"# Prisoners may receive correspondence, photos, magazines, paper backed books, newspapers, money orders, cashier's checks, and certified checks for $500 or less.
# No other items may be received by prisoners without prior approval.
# Items other than those listed above will be required to be disbursed at the prisoners expense. "

So, basically, if she is sent other stuff, she has to pay to send it away, it sounds like.

Here's the page where I got the info:

Mechele's Friends said...

Looks like that link didn't work. Oops. If you click on "Mechele's Address" under "Links of Interest" on the sidebar, that's it. Thanks again!

Alexandra said...

Oh that is annoying. I don't understand those rules. You'd think that if it is something pretty run of the mill and they can check it before they give it to her it would be alright. Well anyway I'm glad I checked. That would be terrible if she had to pay to have it sent back out.

Billy said...

Will they move this trial to some other place if she gets another trial? It seems like the way the judge spoke to her that there is no hope in a new trial. The PR on Mechele was so bad. If this trial was moved somewhere else it might help her case. This is just terriable. I don't know what to think of this case, but there is no way that there was enough to convict her. How is her family and how is she holding up?

Mechele's Friends said...

I have not heard if moving the trial is a possibility. I agree that would be helpful.

Mechele seems to be holding up all right, although she has some dark times, of course. All the support and letters and notes and comments here mean so much to her. I think doing our best to keep her spirits up is the best we can do for her right now. And showing the world who she really is, aside from the media slaughter.

And prayers, of course. Her family is doing ok. They miss her every day, as do the rest of us.

Thanks for your comment, Billy.

Kirby said...

Was wondering if Mechele has access to the internet? If so, many of us could chat with her to keep her company. I doubt that is possible. Mechele is in my daily prayers and I wish her and her family nothing but the best. She WILL win the appeal! I look forward to the day she is set free. That day is coming!

Mechele's Friends said...

THANK YOU, Kirby! That is so nice of you. Sadly, Mechele has no internet access. She also has very limited phone access. I am grateful whenever I get the chance to talk to her. Thanks for keeping the faith!!!