Monday, May 18, 2009

Dateline, This Friday

From Sandy:

Just got a call from our friends at "Dateline." Mechele's show will be re-aired with updates this friday. Have gotten several emails and calls and wanted everyone to know..


Bmialone said...

Thank you, Sandy. I hope this one is not riddled with misleading out-of-context details and inaccuracies. I wrote down an entire page of them watching the Snapped episode. Now I can't even watch that genre of television because I've learned how low the quality of journalism is and that the viewer cannot know what is true and what isn't.

Anonymous said...

In the Dateline transcript I read today I noticed that when asked about why Mechele made the comments to her sister in response to hearing of Kent's death Mechele made claim she was upset when she found out Kent had read personal emails. Those emails, or the bits that Dateline printed were a pretty harsh reality, any chance the emails sent Kent to change the insurance policy and set up his own death, including implicating the people who he was upset with by sending the letters to his parents? Why would he go back to Hope a second time if he thought his life was in danger?

sandymc said...

There was a lot left out of Dateline's show, obviously! I will try to clarify certain points.
1) When Mechele made the statement to her sister she had just finished cleaning out a storage shed that she shared with Kent. There she found numerous stuffed animals that Kent had told Mechele he was no longer doing that "barbaric hobby." She had also found out that Kent had searched through her personal belongings and had stolen various documents, ie, her passport and had mailed them to his parents along with the letter. He had also read her personal emails which she felt, was an invasion of her privacy.She had also found out about Kent's embezzelment of his family's business funds, which he had never disclosed to her.
2) Mechele was well aware that Kent had changed his beneficiary. Although it had little relevance since she had already called the insurance company to cancel the policy as was testified to in her trial.
3) There had been a tremendous amount of speculation that Kent may have, indeed set up his own murder. He was head over heels in debt and it was the beginning of fishing season. How could his father have been "pleased" regarding his financial situation as his mother testified to in court?
3.) Last, but not least, why in the world if one feared for their life, would you continue to live and cohort with your "supposed murderers-to-be?" ie, the trip to Hope?
4.) If you thought your child was in danger, would you not do something? His parents were obviously not that concerned about his well-being according to his mother's testimony.

Lots of questions unanswered!

sandymc said...

Bmialone, yes it is truly a sad situation that all of these shows are merely "tabloid fodder." True journalism has not been an aspect in any part of this case.