Thursday, December 3, 2009


Belated Post:

Over the past year and a half, Mechele and I have been working with Mechele’s appellate lawyers concerning the appeal of Mechele’s conviction. This has been going on with no media attention and the hard work of Mechele’s appellate lawyers has been remarkable. I even studied the transcripts and appeal to add some minimal contribution. Although my time spent on it far outweighed my contribution, it was still gratifying to see. This process has been our sole focus. Today, the oral arguments concerning the appeal took place.

These arguments today are not the appeal. The three judge panel was there to hear both sides summarize the appellate points and to ask questions of the attorneys representing the State of Alaska and Mechele. The judges have already studied the written appeal and the case. For us, this was not a significant part of the process. The significant work was already done.

I wanted to come up with our daughter and visit Mechele and attend the arguments, but was unable to. Our daughter and I actually had stand-by tickets, but spent over a day and a half chasing planes at the Sea-Tac airport that were full. We just got home yesterday. We visit Mechele every chance we get and are very grateful for all the support we get when we come to Anchorage.

Mechele and I have decided that, like in the trial, this process should go forward without media attention. We still believe that justice doesn’t and shouldn’t involve tabloid headlines and blind adherence to prosecution narrative. However, the oral arguments about the appeal tend to be more noteworthy for the media because they don’t have to read the actual appeal and can treat the appellate arguments like a TV show. Not all the media, mind you, but most.

As a side note to this, here is the headline of an AP article published a few days ago: “Ex-stripper appeals Alaska killing conviction”. Again… bravo. Breaking news. The appeal, again, was initiated well over a year ago. And the “ex-stripper” meme is always enlightening. I want to be forever known as an “ex-Sunglass Hut employee”.

Not to beat a dead horse, but, Mechele’s character is well known and defined by the people who know and lover her. A three month thread of emails and circumstance doesn’t define anyone. Unless you are a TV or movie character. Or a cartoon villain with super powers to control men… but I digress.

Bottom line: we are still fighting, and we still have hope. Your support and prayers keep us going. So thanks again.

Colin Linehan


Grace said...

Personally, in the least fortuitous of circumstances, some of my past emails would be very damning; though whether I'd have been imprisoned or safely tucked away in an insane asylum, I don't know.

Thank you for the update, Colin. May the force be with you. :)

Bmialone said...


I attended the hearing today. Mechele's lawyer did a good job. He was respectful, specific, informative, and logical.

The lack of substance in the prosecuting attorney's arguments was shocking; shocking in that she produced nothing of substance so how could Mechele's life (and yours) been blown apart so easily?

In fact, she actually said it all came down to only one thing, "interpretation." She was referring to the circumstantial evidence, admitting that is "only" what they had, and that it all came down to one's interpretation of that circumstantial evidence. It is stunning, surreal, how authorities could take a citizen, charge her, put her on trial, take her freedom for what amounts to the rest of her life, on nothing more than what the prosecutor's attorney herself admitted was only circumstantial evidence, and then because that is all they had, it all came down to interpretation of it. She said it as justification and as acceptable!

How long can it take the judges to reach a decision?

I'm sorry you spent your time and energy chasing planes.

livieandhermommies said...

Thank you so much for the update. Continued Positive energy to you, your family and the appelate judges for the only favorable outcome!

baby said...

This is what the media does. They have only a limited amount of colors and find it easier to portray Mechele and anyone as caricatures. In politics, both sides do it to each other. It dehumanizes the other side or in this case, defendants. You watched the prosecution do this to Mechele.

Remember, ADN is not there to report the news. When the Anchorage Times was bought out, ADN made sure the press was packed up and sent out of state as soon as possible. The newspaper's job is to sell ads and electronically, to get clicks. They owe Mechele big-time.

At Progressive Alaska several weeks ago, Phil Munger printed something up by the editor of ADN about not being biased re: the ex governor and why he didn't always let people post on her stories because they got argumentative and slanderous. This flew in the face of the comments of a sinister nature that are often being said of people going to prison in general.

The news should report the news and not traumatize even more what families go through.