Sunday, June 27, 2010

Heya friends,

I have been super busy with life. I have been very blessed to have all your support. It means the world to me. The blessings and hope you send keep me going.

It has been great to spend time with my wife and daughter together. We have been having so much fun. It has been unbelievable to be able to cuddle with my wife again. Simple things are so precious. To joke, play games, argue and discuss, walk, eat. These are things we all take for granted to some degree with our spouse. It is wonderful.

I haven’t been able to post anything about the case because of legal constraints. Right now we aren’t even done with our bail. As of this moment we have bail conditions that aren’t feasible and are legally dubious. So, we fight on.

I will be going back to Washington for awhile. We have three combat brigades coming back to Fort Lewis and my position at the Department of Defense directly involves returning soldiers.

Thank you all again for your love,


sraddha54 said...

Dear Colin and Mechele,

Poetry from me to you:

There are no signposts here, no consolations.
I wander, whittled down to a vapor of
what I thought I was, a drop
in the silence of this

An old maplewood cane in my left hand
taps the dirt along this deserted path, marking
footsteps that came from nowhere,
lead to nowhere/anywhere.

Memories, vague yearnings, pieces of dreams –
all skitter restlessly across the surface of
my pooling imagination, yet
find no resting-place.

Here, there is only the starkness of
mystery's hibernation, incubating this
shell of chimerical elements congealing
in and out of time's lifestream.

I am water, washing through
a water world, unborn, undying –
twisting through the maritime depths of
itself, flowing through grand canyons of
heart-stopping vision, or pooling in
stagnant backwaters of
abandoned desire.

Unaccountable breath –
inhaled, exhaled, inhaled, exhaled --
and all the while this beating, blood-pumping
vessel of ordinary, irreducible life vibrates
to an inaudible music, the music of
precise embodiment, distilled

How could I have ever dreamed
there was anything more than
this utter simplicity?

This water is
transparency itself –

tidal child of oceanic mother,
never other than herself, at play in cloud,
dewdrop, brook, snowslush, river, lake, leaf,
limb, root, dark earth, rainbow heaven, bird, beast,
beauty, worm, world within world within elusive world.

Always now.


Over the waterfall, I burst into billions of
individual drops of itself in deafening roar,
only to dissolve again into the flow of
my eternal unity, flowing
water of life, nourishing
all forms of myself,
my own form.

Contained within me are all water worlds,
as I within them, rippling through this vastness,
this dark and moonless night, and still I trickle on,
my cane tapping out a signature on water, water
echoing back the loneliness of that which
can never know itself, but only be itself.

Even this loneliness is
at last submerged in the welcoming
embrace of itself, watery limbs reaching out to
catch the gentle rain of this liquid sky's tears,
the tears which are the heart's voice of this
silence I wander through tonight.


Your Friend, Mazie

chaswen said...

Colin, we are so happy that you can be with Mechele again and we hope that it will be for a lifetime. We sent Mechele some Spanish DVD's and books while she was in prison and you wrote us a really nice personal letter. How you can respond to us when you're under such stress is amazing. So we thank you doubly for the kind letter. Keep the faith!
Nancy and Beth from South Carolina

Alaskansheilah said...

Colin you're a credit to your gender. Most men wouldn't hold on like you have. You've always remain upbeat and positive. There have been times I just couldn't figure out how you managed. But it will all be worth it over all. Glad you've been reunited with the woman you love so deeply. Keeping you and Mechele in my prayers.