Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year!

To all of our dear friends and family! We want to wish each and every one of you a very happy and blessed new year. Because of your support we are looking ahead knowing that the coming year will bring us positive things and perhaps next New Years Eve this nightmare will be over. Thank you all for the love, support and everything that you have done for Mechele and our family! Sending you all much love and big hugs!




a happy new year to you as well!.. been following this "nightmare " of yours for quite some time!... i am pleased to see that justice is prevailing in your quest for innocence!... may the gods bless your life and step always!

Sleeping Penguin said...

Right back at ya -
And yes let this be the year!


Joe said...

Mechele husband n family n name is pastor Joe velasquez Jr. I live in California....I watched today 48 hours on tv. I got hooked on the topic. I'm a man who has had a past in ranges from gangs,drugs,prison etc the list goes on. It's amazing to know that god does choose the foolish thangs in the world to confound the wise, the base,the weak,the poor TO PUT TO SHAME TO THE DEVIL, & can choose us SIS to become usless to useful. I'm not writing to instill that BUT KNOWING. SOME STUFF BOUT COURTS TRIAL & KNEW THAT SHE/U DID NOT DO WHAT U WERE INDITED FOR. IF YOU REMEMBER SAUL/PAUL THE CHIEF APOSTLE WHO WAS A KILLER OF THE FAITH. GOD CHANGED HIS LIFE..SO TODAY I'M BLESSED FOR YOU THAT IN CLOSING OF ALL YOUR DRAMA DUE TO THE SITUATION THAT YOU CAN REST ASURED THAT GOD HAS A PLAN FOR YOU N YOUR FAMILY.......
(Joe velasquez Jr.)

Banker said...

I too watched the episode about Mechele and the trial as it unfolded. I was very disturbed to see her convicted of a crime with no physical evidence or any eyewitnesses. Given the recent number of inmates released based on DNA testing, it would seem that a person convicted without any physical evidence has little chance of being released short of winning a new trial.It is especially troubling when the district attorney subjectively decides what a person is like and why they commited a crime. They become so focused on convicting a person that they lose all objectivity. Everyone has a past, but what drives people is their future. I sincerely hope that Mechele's will be bright. She deserves it after all she has been through.

Richyrich said...

Happy New Year!

Greenleaf said...

Mechele--it's Alley! I finally found your goodness, what heartache.

Henry is going to be 5 years old next week!!! How is his mama doing? Any news on his siblings? I have SO much to tell you about him. I want to send pics to you and A. How is that sweet girl? Does she remember me and Henry? Those were some fun times at the ballet and IMAX, parks and parades.

Greenleaf said...

I am trying to find a Free Me item, but it looks like the store is no longer open. Is there a place to get bumperstickers etc?

Greenleaf said...

Hello again! Is Mechele getting my posts? I still want to connect, send photos of Henry etc. Thanks so much!


Murnablogs said...


Happy new year to you too!

I've just watched the story of your trial and conviction and was very sad that the first jury convicted you. I was so distraught that I searched and found this site. You can imagine how happy I am to learn that your conviction was overturned. How sweet! Although this does not make up for the untold hardship you and your family have been through, it's a good start. Thank you, Michelle, for standing firm and staying strong. You will be vindicated again, and this time, for good. God bless you and your family!