Sunday, September 7, 2008

Hello Again

I was expecting to post more about the legal case shortly after I first posted on this site. It is a very difficulty time now to discuss legal issues about the trial without getting into appeal issues. The appeal is very much in high gear and Mechele’s attorneys are all very cautious. I have also had my plate full with many other issues and responsibilities. The main responsibilities I put front and center are being a father and husband.

I am not interested in fighting the important legal fight for justice by writing posts on our friend’s web log. However, I am also sick of the false Prosecution narrative concerning Mechele’s and my character being the majority understanding of this case. There were so many aspects to this trial that were very damning to the Prosecution, yet haven’t been told.

Some subjects I would like to address are audio files with statements that contradict the Prosecution’s theory. Also, the disingenuous testimony by Mr. Hilke should be examined. There are emails that the Prosecution didn’t show the jury that we expected the jury to read. Unfortunately, by their own statements to the press, the questions raised by the emails were not addressed. I also have witnessed unethical actions by the prosecution team and have a perspective on that misconduct. There are many other intricacies in the trial that don’t fit into a 2 minute sound bite on the evening news. I plan on presenting all this and more with documents and testimony. I was present during the entire hearing and have a unique perspective.

I would also love to get into the sentencing hearing that occurred. I was surprised by many things during this trial. After the sentencing hearing, nothing in this legal system could surprise me. Judge Volland actually stated, in support of his sentence, that Mechele’s association with John Carlin IV and Scott Hilke after the murder showed that she was “still” in contact with those “involved” in the murder of Kent Leppink. Interesting statement considering the State never once alleged that Carlin IV or Hilke were “involved” with the murder. Many other statements in the sentencing should and will be parsed with a future post. That particular post will be named “End-Result Reasoning”.

The appeal attorneys tell me that this is a very slow process. The velocity is accelerating. I will find the time to compose more posts in the future, but that particular velocity hasn’t accelerated. It will in the future, but my energy will be directed elsewhere for some time.

Thank you all for your outpouring of support and understanding.



someone said...

Just learned of this case after watching 48 Hrs. Surprised that she was found guilty. In no way did I see any evidence that would make me vote guilty...hope true justice is found and this young lady is allowed to rejoin her family.

Tom said...

I am truly sorry for you and your family.
Know that you are in my thoughts.
Tom Roberds

Michael Thomas said...

1. The CBS documentary never explored the idea of Kent Leppink hiring someone to murder him as a desperate attempt at revenge for jilted love.
2. They never showed anything but circumstantial evidence in her case.
3. And finally, our culture is seriously out of touch with the perennial teachings of St. Thomas Aquinas which state that, in this particular case, even if Mrs. Linehan did commit the crime, she has redeamed herself in civil society.
4. What has happened is, in a certain sense a good thing, if humbly accepted. It is an opportunity to earn greater merit in Heaven. The suffering and aloneness is an opportunity to know God. It is typical that the elect are given their own Passion to be in closer communion. I recommend Mrs. Linehan takes it as an opportunity to learn what the Saints have said and done in the past. It will be her most important solice.
5. Mrs. Linehan won't be in this situation for more than five years, but her release will come in a different way than you might imagine. Do you say the Rosary?
6. Mrs. Linehan is not alone, unless she wants to be. As St. Thomas More said - when you see those against you, look to the other side, and you will see that an even greater army is for you.
7. I am in a similar situation myself. I recommend forming your intellect with the Summa Theologica and forming your will with St. Louis de Montfort's True Devotion To Mary.
8. What does 99 years mean compared with where you CAN be for all eternity.

A Traditional Catholic

CSDecor8s said...

I too watched the CBS show tonight. As a word of encouragement, Colin keep in mind you are in the center of this horrible situation. Take the unbiased outside views posted,and know that Mechele came off as a precious person, the one you,, your friends and family describe.

Anyone that ever sees these types of 'news' programs, easily recognize an attack on the person being interviewed. Mechele did not come across as dishonest, avoiding issues, more of a 'deer in the headlights' look, while being ambushed.

I am so sorry for Mechele, and her separation from her family and her daughter. I, like Mechele and MANY others, led a hard, support myself life, in my early twenties. I slaved in retail, but still had many advances, gifts, etc., from men, many who were older, that worked near, or shopped in the area.After much hard work, I saved enough money to get more education, and eventually was blessed to find my precious husband in my late 20's.

My relationship with my daughter is much like Mechele and her daughter. I also still work, and acomplish more in most days than any of my friends and family can believe.

There must me countless women like Mechele and me, throughout the world, caring, considerate women, who carved there own path in the world, not graced with an easy trip to the life we knew we desired.

That doesn't make a woman a murder. This is a farce, and truth has GOT to free Mechele. I have an incredible prayer life, and see God's miraculous touch on my prayer life, constantly. I will not let a day go by, that I miss praying for all of you. May God carry you, when you're to weak to walk, may the confidence in truth, and the prayers of those who care sustain you, until this is all a horrible closed chapter in the fabric of your life.

Nick said...

This is unbelievable. In watching the 48 Hrs. interviews of Mechele it looked like she was free. I was as surprised as the Defense Attorney's face showed when I heard the findings of the jury. I hope you have a speedy appeal and acquittal. God Bless!

hearts_and_thoughts said...

For the comments that both Jaci and I left...I, personally, believe that direction of questioning and representation in the case COULD have left doubt; and our judicial system, supposedly, states "BEYOND THE SHADOW OF A DOUBT".

Mel said...

Living on the East Coast, I hadn't heard of this case until watching last night's re-run of the "48 Hours" episode. I, as everyone does, feel great sorrow for Mr. Leppink's family. But I am simply not convinced of Mechele's guilt - rather, I am inspired by the life she has built for herself and by the tremendous contribution she has made to her community. I am praying that justice will be done the second time around. Mechele's family - her little girl especially - deserves to have her home. Colin, may you find strength in the support of friends and strangers alike. Your unwavering dignity in the face of such (God willing, temporary) devastation is an inspiration, as well.

Eternal Grace said...

Our prayers for you and your family. I'm sorry you've been through what you have with the media. They will move on to judge other poor souls, they always do. There is good left for you in life and as a family. I hope you can put your head on the pillow and think of a few things to be grateful for.
Richard Rossi
Eternal Grace Church, Hollywood

gerrard said...

Colin Ive been doing some research and have an theory, i would like the opprotunity to email what ive written but am finding it hard to find a contact method less public. My email address is

Therese said...

May God bless you, Mechele, your husband Colin, and your daughter. I will continue to pray for you. I am positive that miracles do happen, that you will very soon return home to your family.

dawnmichelle said...

My heart goes out to you as I saw the story on "snapped"... I'm not sure where you get the strength to handle what you have been dealt. I heard the judge say that the person who pulls the puppet's strings is no better than the one controlling the puppet. I don't know Mechele but she certainly didn't come across as someone who would have been capable of murder and her conviction, based on circumstancial evidence seemed unreasonable. The victims in this unfortunate situation are you... and that little girl of yours. Mechele and I are the same age. I am envious of the love she has with you.... :) My prayers are with you. Be strong for yourself and that little girl. I'm sure women line up for miles to comfort you.... Dawn

lizzaliasbeth said...

Colin please let me know what and who I can write on Mechele's behalf. I feel that the trial was totally unjust. I just don't understand how those 12 jurors could of found her guilty. Nothing the prosecutor said had any merit whatsoever. How they could take the word of a none killer that said Mechele conspired with him to commit murder is just crazy. Please contact me at and let me know what I can do to help. Take care and God Bless you and Mechele.

10smyyear said...

Did Mechele ever attend Mandeville, LA schools? Learned about the case on Snapped and I think we went to school together! So sorry for all you are going through.

Kathryn said...

My heart and best wishes go out to you and your family. I just saw this case on 48 hours and truly I did not see how Mechele was convicted. Freaky! Actually all I saw they had was a letter from a guy who was jilted and the letter read like he was trying to make sure Mechele was locked away. He most likely had someone kill him so Mechele would become a suspect. The law appears to be strange in Alaska! Mechele is a tough cookie and I think her strength will see her through. Colin, if all husbands were like you the world would be such a great place. For better for worse, for richer for poorer. In sickness and in health. To say the least you have truly earned a mansion in heaven.