Sunday, September 7, 2008

Seems silent, things are happening

Hey all,

Sorry for the slow news days lately. I just want everyone out there to know, we greatly appreciate all your support, including all the comments, letters, books and donations. You are showing everyone that there is so much good in the world and that there are honest, decent, thinking people who are interested in true justice. Thank you. Family and friends and lawyers for Mechele are all working behind the scenes right now to get justice as quickly as possible.

One of the things we've been doing is a lot of research into who might be able to help Mechele at this point. It can get tricky as far as posting what is going on, because not only are things still in the works, but as we await appeal we want to make sure we don't do anything that could interfere with a great result.

The appeal is the first order of business, and if all goes well there, that will be the end of this already-too-long road. So, the best thing to do right now is to send all your prayers and good thoughts and good words out into the world for a speedy and just appeal to free Mechele.

It is also extremely important to let Mechele know we are behind her and are thinking of her daily. Keeping her spirits up is going to make a big difference in how she fares throughout this ordeal. (So far she is doing well enough, but there are certainly enough difficulties for her and some dark moments.) If you would like to send her your words of encouragement, feel free to post them here (and I will send them along) or you can send them to her at Hiland. If you are interested in other ways to help, please refer to the sidebar of this blog. Thank you SO much!

Thanks everyone, and keep the faith!


Grace said...

You know, I did write a letter but I am rusty at encouraging people and I think possibly it kinda sucked. (Sigh.) So, Mechele: if you got a wanna-be letter-of-encouragement that was kinda sucky, I'm sorry and really I believe in you. On board 100% here. I even got me one of them shirts now!


Mechele's Friends said...

You are so sweet! All letters of support and encouragement are welcome. Sorry, I read this comment and then I think I got called to dinner or something and it took a few days for me to post! You are the best. Thanks for wearing the shirt!