Thursday, September 23, 2010


Thanks, Stephanie....Mechele's correct address is PO Box 101342, Anchorage, AK. 99510-1342........Hope everyone is has been a quiet, peaceful time for now...just enjoying it....keep updated on Mechele's legal site on what motions are being made and what is going on legally with her case....thanks, as always for your love and support!!
Mech's Mom


Turtlepace said...

In the first trial the prosecutor took advantage of the prejudice to dominate. It is the same prejudice to dominate that motivated discrimination against blacks during the Jim Crow era. That is why comments of hecklers remind me of discrimination against blacks. No matter what Mechele does or says, the hecklers find a way to interpret it as proof she is guilty of murder. I hope the next trial does not become another kangaroo court. If, as indicated by State`s First Motion, the prosecutor makes use of a jailhouse parrot, it likely will descend to just that.

dutch718 said...

I was watching an old episode of "48 hours on ID" on the Mechele case just now. They showed a shot of Colin on the phone and I saw the dog and the pups. Just curious, how many dogs does the Colin and Mechele Linehan family have and what kind are they. Thanks..

Brooklyn, NY