Thursday, May 1, 2008

Appeal News: 38 Points

The latest news on Mechele's appeal can be found on here. We are happy to report that she has some highly respected lawyers, Jeff Feldman and Susan Orlansky, on the case. I know that Mechele and her family also have great respect and gratitude for her trial lawyers. From ADN, "Linehan's attorney during the trial, Kevin Fitzgerald, is still on the case. He recommended Feldman and Orlansky for the appeal, according to Linehan's husband, Dr. Colin Linehan. It is standard for a different lawyer to take up an appeal because it brings fresh eyes to the case, Feldman said of why Fitzgerald wasn't handling it."

The appeal, which was filed last week, includes THIRTY-EIGHT (38) reasons Mechele did not get a fair hearing. THIRTY-EIGHT. For the whole story, go to ADN. They also have a .pdf of the statement of points on appeal.

We are currently working on Free Mechele T-shirts and other merchandise, the proceeds from which will be donated to her family's fund to help with legal and travel expenses. I can see the possibility for using the number 38 in some of them now.

One thing I do want to specifically point out is the time frame for the appeal process, as I'm sure many will be interested (myself included). According to the article, "The case will likely be heard by the Court of Appeals in the late fall or early 2009, Feldman said. Decisions typically are made six to 12 months later."

Based on that, we are looking at spring 2009 as the earliest possible date for some good news. Please continue to keep Mechele and her family in your thoughts and prayers as this process unfolds.


sabeans20 said...

I just finished watching Mecheles story on Dateline NBC. This is the first I have heard of this story. After doing more research I can't believe she was found guilty. I saw NOTHING to prove guilt. I hope she gets a fair trial next time and her true innocence is revealed. I am so sorry that her friends and family have to go through this. I have no clue how the jury came up with a guilty verdict. Mechele is in my thoughts and prayers.
Sara Carbone
Orlando, Fl.

tracy said...

I have to agree with the prior comment. It is scary that someone can be convicted of murder and sentenced to 99 years on no solid evidence. The evidence showed that she was a very attractive girl who had an ability to work lonely men into giving her gifts to try to buy her affection. That may be the wrong thing to do, but it does not equal murder. I think she has acknowledges that she made some bad decisions, but she was a kid and it came so easy to her. I sincerely hope she does get an appeal and that the next jury in more interested in true evidence or the lack there of. If this happens, as it supposed to in our country, then she will surely be found not guilty. I feel very sorry for the parents and family of Mr. Leppink, but wrongfully convicting Ms. Linehan, solely because she played their son, does not mean justice for their son. You can even see from his letter that he was angry with Ms. Linehan and wanted her to pay, but that was written by a bitter man that was starting to figure out that he had been played. He, even in his anger, could not help himself from saying that he loved her. It's sad but it is sadder still when our courts wrongfully convict someone because they had a less than stellar background. Hopefully people will be able to see the person that she grew up to be and not the mixed up kid who made some bad decisions. None of which have been shown to include murder.

some1 said...

Has anyone looked into the possibility that Kent Leppink planned his own death? He was obviously madly in love with Michele and he may have finally realized that he could never have her.
Seems rather convenient that a letter accusing Michele and two others, shows up at his Mom and Dad's house just days before they find him dead?
If Michele was so smart and manipulative as the prosecution says, why would she have Kent's body dumped where it could be found?
It wouldn't have been to difficult for Mr. Leppink to steal John's gun and then find someone to drive him, shot him, dump him and then leave the gun on John's porch.
I wonder if the investigators checked Kent's finances to see if a large amount of money may have gone unaccounted for just prior to his demise...

Mayra said...

I just saw Mechele's story on 48 hours - Hard Evidence. I have a legal background, and to say that I was surprised by the sentencing it was an understatement. All the evidence showed was that Mechele was young, working on saving money for education and she made the mistake of getting involved with some mentally unbalanced men. There is NO evidence she wanted T.T. dead. Also, she NEVER collected on the insurance money so what was the motive? NON-EXISTANT! I think Leppink was crazy in love with her and if he couldn't have her, he wanted no one else to have her. That's it. She needs to be set free or be re-trialed. She didn't have a fair hearing AT ALL.