Monday, May 26, 2008

Sentencing Letters

Well, since we have had a request for more posts, and I'm still waiting to get a post in from Mechele herself, I put my head together with another Mechele friend for ideas. Here's what we came up with: posting sentencing letters. The whole idea of this blog is to put forth another view of Mechele than that the popular media has chosen. Ours is the viewpoint of people who know and love her.

Many of us wrote letters to the judge prior to her sentencing earlier this year, talking about why we believe the sentencing should be light. Although the letters obviously did not have their desired effect on the sentencing, I imagine they do shed a lot of light on Mechele as a person. I'd like to share as many of those letters here as I can collect. We might need to edit them some to keep a level of confidentiality for others involved.

Mechele's husband, Colin, wrote quite an extensive letter that appeared as a .pdf on the pages of I think I'll start with his.

Thanks for reading!

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