Sunday, August 1, 2010

posts in foreign language

Hi to all! We continue to get post that are either in Chinese or Japanese or not sure! I cannot translate them. Please re-post in English! Thanks to all for your continued support!

A very grateful mom!


jude said...

Dear Friends and Family of Mechele, I have just seen the CBS TV show 48 Hours Mystery and have just now learned of Mechele and the fate that has befallen her. I do hope the appeal goes through and she is freed. I know my opinion is just that, my opinion, but I believe the man who murdered Kent is dead. I believe his son had a lot to do with it as well.

There will always be secrets kept in Mechele's heart about some things that took place in Alaska, but I believe she has suffered for whatever connection(s) she may have had to the "man from Michigan". I can't stand the thought of him anyway - - I hate it when men feel they have to spy and trick people into being in relationships.

Know that you are all in my prayers and I hope Mechele is home soon with her husband and daughter who love her.

Alexandra said...

Is there a new place to send letters?

Gray Ghost said...

Last night, I watched a 2 hour special on "48 Hours Mystery". If I were on the jury I would have voted (NOT GUILTY). I thought the State had to prove someone guilty "beyond a reasonable doubt", I thought there was a lot of doubt in the 2 hours I watched.
I agree with the appeal judge, "the letter" should never have been introduced into evidence and the movie shown to the jury was a pretty lame attempt by the DA to prove intent.
Best of Luck with your second trial, if the State of Alaska even proceeds with a second trial.
Take care, God bless