Wednesday, July 16, 2008

A Big Thank You from Mechele!

I talked to Mechele this weekend and she asked me to paraphrase a thank you to everyone for their support. So, she says, "Thanks for your support." (Sorry for the lack of creativity there.) Honestly, though, it really means a lot to her. She's had some dark days, as anyone can imagine, and to know that people, even total strangers, believe in her means a lot.

Mechele also did write in a letter to me, "I will write something this week [for the blog], I promise." With the letter, she included a new list of books she would like to read. I've added them to the Amazon list as "highest priority". She finds some interesting things to read, even stuck behind those walls. She's a pretty decent artist as well, and was asking about "how to draw" cartoon books, so I found some I thought might be fun or useful to her and added those.

A personal thank you from me to everyone for your support and generosity. There is so much I'd like to do for her, but am not always able, so to have other people keeping her hope alive is wonderful. Please keep the prayers and good energy flowing her way. I know it makes such a big difference.

Keep the faith, everyone.

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