Sunday, July 27, 2008

On a Personal Note (from Colin)

It is one thing for me to put myself in the media spotlight by appearing on two major network broadcasts. I am a man who is immune to any public ridicule or perceptions of being a stooge. I know myself too well to let any of that effect me. I am well grounded by a myriad of friends and family and by my own sense of self. I am not claiming to be “self-actualized” via Maslow’s hierarchy, but I am comfortable with myself. It is entirely another matter where my friends and family are involved.

The fact of the matter is that my wife is a convicted murderer. I obviously think that does not equal truth or justice. Anyone with a modicum of intellectual curiosity knows that there are guilty individuals proclaimed innocent and innocent individuals proclaimed guilty in our justice system. We played the game with a set of rules and the prosecution played the game with another. We lost. Fortunately, in our system, there are checks to balance that, and the “game” continues. My prayers focus on justice through the law. The appeal process for Mechele is the only game in my sight.

Anyone can throw any arrows, insults, and mockery towards me. I’m good. It really doesn’t bother me. Think of me as a dupe who is “under a spell” from my sorceress wife. More power to you. Just leave my daughter out of it. Mechele’s character and being has already been reduced to tatters by the process. She is, by the way, still standing strong with her head up and her optimism intact. Sorry, she is grounded as well. What I have a hard time with, however, are insults and mockery directed at our family and friends who support Mechele.

It, again, is one thing for me to flash my mug on a camera and ping answers back from national correspondents. It is an entirely different thing for dear friends to put their beings and insights into national media. I have no say in that. Everyone who has let themselves be interviewed on national television in support of Mechele has done so on their own volition. I can only sit back and appreciate their courage. God bless them. If you want to tweak me, I will let you in on a little secret. All you have to do is bash them. Nothing is more touching to me than their willingness to step in front of the lens of the national media and speak up for Mechele. They are not encouraged or orchestrated by myself, Mechele, or our legal counsel. It is an honorable undertaking to put yourself in the crosshairs for someone who you care about when it can only bring unwanted attention.

So here it is, in no particular order:

Thank you all who wrote letters in support of Mechele.

Thanks to Kevin Fitzgerald and his amazing family for everything they continue to do in support of Mechele and my family.

Thank you, Kevin and Terri, who are truly a blessing and brave beyond measure.

Thank you, Kristina for your incalculable courage to speak with NBC and CBS on behalf of Mechele.

Thank you, Honi for your enormous risk to open up yourself and family to ridicule for your support of Mechele and revelation of your (way) past occupation.

Thank you, Tina for your ability to stay honest and for courageously inviting ridicule to your family from the close-minded who still cling to the Puritanical Paradox.

Thank you, Denise for your selfless sacrifice to reveal truth at your own personal risk.

Thank you, Julie Thrasher for the courage to speak the truth and reveal an aspect of the realities of the American juror system.

Thank you, Mr. and Mrs. Sheridan for your insight and fortitude.

Thanks to all I didn’t mention, who know who you are. Too many to list.

And to those who have supported Mechele with books that keep her bearings straight in a situation that lends itself to easily losing those bearings.

I noticed that at the end of the trial and during sentencing that the words “God” and “Christian” were used profusely by individuals wishing Mechele harm and misery. Of note, this is not God’s Justice. This is Man’s justice, and it is deeply flawed. Those of us who keep the faith and don’t wear it on our sleeves are the true people of faith, in my opinion. God bless you all. The process of Man’s justice is not over and you ALL are the true angels.

Much Love,


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