Monday, July 21, 2008

Francis' Sentencing Letter

Dear Judge Volland:

I am writing to request your mercy when you impose on Mechele Linehan her sentence. Please do what you can to help grant the request of her defense attorneys for a panel of judges to give her only five years.

Although I do not know Mechele Linehan, the jury’s verdict was shocking after the prosecution presented a weak case consisting of no substantive evidence. A verdict based on logic and rational analysis of the presented evidence—as opposed to emotional biases—could be only an acquittal. The prosecution’s case fell far short of the legal standard for “guilty beyond a reasonable doubt”; the jury erred, pure and simple.

Just as disturbing is the prosecution’s request for a 99-year sentence. Mrs. Linehan’s conviction was not for actually killing Kent Leppink, yet the prosecution has requested the same sentence. Apparently, the prosecution is not satisfied to win the case on next to no evidence, but desires also to permanently end Ms. Linehan’s life as she knew it, and to prevent her from ever returning to her husband and child. Frankly, I am appalled at the cruel ruthlessness exhibited by our prosecutor’s office.

Please hold our system accountable and do what you can to correct the inappropriate and tragic decision of the jury by granting the defense request.


Francis Sheridan

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