Sunday, July 27, 2008

Kerry's Sentencing Letter

Your Honor Judge Volland,

I am Mechele Linehan’s sister-in-law. I am writing to share with you my relationship and knowledge of Mechele Linehan in hopes it will help you know a little more about her before sentencing. I hope this is not too late. I write because of the deep pain that my brother Colin and my niece are enduring and will endure if she is gone too long. I write for her neighbors, friends and community who I know that she gave selflessly to of her time, energy and heart.

She and her daughter have been tied at the hip. It is so hard for them to be apart. Her daughter is so bright and ahead of her age academically due to the time and energy Mechele spends with her. Her daughter helped her design her business office. Mechele is so good at allowing her daughter to contribute and honors her ideas. They traveled together, helped deliver pups together, biked together, gardened and so much more.

I lived out of town, so I did not see them much, but heard often when I was here from her friends what an amazing woman she was. There was always a friend or neighbor at her house, or friends of her daughter's. Mechele opened her home to all. People and animals big and small. Her home was a place of refuge for friends(and animals) who had no place to stay for awhile. Mechele seems to have two days to my one. I could not understand how she could fit it all in. I have known in one day for her to bike ride with her daughter, blueberry pick, knit, volunteer, cook/bake, get a little work in, garden, invite friends for dinner, care for her menagerie of animals, and watch a movie at home with Colin and her daughter, and probably get some reading in. Somewhere in there she probably got a trip in to GoodWill to recycle/salvage some item for one of her multiple ongoing art/craft/home projects. Extremely multi talented, and full of intense beauty, that when she touches something it can be transformed. What stands out to me most is her garden in this area. Her home is another example. When I first saw it I was terrified. It was such site. But she quickly transformed it into a beautiful home. I could not see it, but she did. She sees that is people as well. She tends to gives those, who others walk by, a chance. How many do that? She can see beyond the exterior, and the beauty inside. She is a very giving person to friends and community, and most importantly her daughter, and needs to be back home as soon as is possible.

I appreciate your reading my thoughts, and just hope it is not too late. Thank you for your time.


Kerry Mrazek

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