Thursday, October 8, 2009

Jennifer, somehow your blog post got deleted. If you would like me to post it, please resend it. I would like to address Jennifer's concern that regardless of the courts directions, occupations are considered by jurors. As an ex-stripper, Jennifer you should be very offended by Mr. Richard A. Svobodny, the Alaska Atty. General's actions after Mechele's verdict. (see Colin's post "Appeal Update." He sent an email out congradulating his collegues , which included the quote, "Exotic dancers across Alaska are shivering with fear with the conviction of Mechele Linehan." What a perfect example of the direction Mechele's trial went.


ryana said...

I worry that the extra attention may make the other inmates jealous of her? My heart goes out to her and her family and friends. She has been imprisoned wrongly it so obvious. I have been involved in the "system" and know how crooked it can be. Hang on Mechele!

Cash Baby Cash said...

It is wrong. This man family wants to punish someone, any one for there sons death! How insane is that! Do they really think taking this woman from her husband, daughter, and family and friends is the answer! Well it is not. American's have to stop wanted to close unsolved cases with no evidence just to close a file. As Far as I am concerned the detective, and DA should split the jail time. She needs to be out. I personally know what it is like to be punish for a crime you did not commit! Free Mechele