Friday, October 23, 2009


Thanks guys!! Ok.Here it is Snapped will be on Wed 28th.. at 4pm EST from my good resourses!! Would like your feedback!!


AE said...

My thoughts to Colin, his daughter, family and friends. I however do not have the same opinion regarding the outcome of the case but i just wanted to send my regards to the family anyways. I couldn't imagine how hard it must be.

grasshopper said...

Mechele stay strong i know its hard happy birthday i am with your twin she is my wife and we believe that things will get better.god bless maybe we could send something to you to help in your time of need

Gretta said...

I just watched the 48 hours show on this case. I'm saddened, scared, shocked and just in complete disbelief. I can't imagine being taken away from my family for having a past of manipulative behavior in my earlier 20's. I feel so sorry for Mechele and her family. I honestly think that laws should be changed for circumstantial cases such as this one. Without DNA evidence there should be some sort of statute of limitations.

Mechele's family, friends and attorneys are in my prayers. I hope that the appeal process can help to right this wrong.

God Bless!