Tuesday, October 6, 2009


I have received several emails asking what books to send Mechele. Check out the link to Amazon.com to the left of the blog. If you are unsure, feel free to email me (msylady@yahoo.com) to ask any questions about what she can and cannot receive . Obviously 48 hrs does not have much to air in their archieves. Seems they have repeated Mechele's segment Sunday night. I have gotten several emails and post to this blog showing support for our Mechele. We continue to offer our thanks and gratitude for your concern and support. We are anticipating oral arguments sometimes in November and as soon as I know more I will share it with you. For anyone out their who has sent a negative response to this blog, I can only reply that this blog, as the title indicates is a very positive place where our friends, family and supporters can keep updated and share our thoughts and concerns. No negative, insulting remarks will be posted on this site.



Bmialone said...

Thanks, Sandy, for the update.

I didn't know a show on Mechele was aired again. I do not see many network promos because I rarely watch the old network stations, so I usually find out about those shows after they've already aired (just as well, me thinks). The one I did see, I wrote down two pages of inaccuracies and contradictions they aired!

I want to thank you and "friends of Mechele" for screening the negative posts out. It must be very hard to see what people write in their ignorance, not to mention the plain old wackos out there surfing the net projecting onto Mechele and venting about whatever are their personal demons. Yet, as hard as it is you do it anyway. Your screening them so we do not have to see them is a blessed relief. I don't think I could check in regularly if I were faced with ugly posts because I would stay too worked up each time! So, thank you, and bless your pea pickin' hearts, as my kin used to say.

~ B

kriley1211 said...

I have just finished watching Dateline for the second time (your case). I believe in your innocence. I also think that you are a victim of gender bias. I wish you well and want to support your cause. My own daughter has experienced obsession while married to an individual that tried to control her every move and followed her everywhere. Many moms out there are pulling for you. Good luck.