Friday, November 6, 2009

email letters ok!

Hi to all! Just verified that if you want to send an email letter to me instead of mailing, that is totally ok...just make sure you give your name and address!! I am sincerely hoping that each and everyone of you will either write or email your letters of support!! Thanks so very much!



sraddha54 said...

Greetings, Sandy, Colin, all the Friends of Mechele, and of course, sincerely, greetings to you, Mechele! I have been overwhelmed with great compassion, and such heart-felt sympathy for all that you've been going through, Mechele, and for that which the family is enduring daily, and so painfully it seems. I will passionately write a letter in Mechele's defense, Sandy, and send it to your address. It's inconceivable what your precious, beautiful daughter is experiencing. All of us who recognize the supreme injustice and crazy moral vendetta against Mechele, we can do everything available to us which might vindicate her, and we can walk beside her and help support her until this madness ends and she returns home to her family, and her life. Know always, Mechele, that there are those who do see through the sham of the fraudulent legal maneuvers that have stripped you of your life and your freedom. I, as one of them, will try to do whatever I can to support and help you in all of this. Your bravery inspires me more than you can ever know.

jordan1976 said...

wow not many updates these days

mom1 said...

I just watched the show detailing this case and i am appaled that this woman was convicted on basically no evidence. The investigator and prosecutor seemed to have a vendetta against this woman. Why in Gods name did it take eight years to come up with a
case. Most likely there was no case and they had to invent one.
I hope Mechele is freed on appeal and her family has her back in their arms. People in this country need to realize that you can be put away like this on virtually no evidence.