Saturday, November 14, 2009


Good morning!! Thanks, guys for the letters you are sending!! WE NEED MORE!! To answer some questions that you have asked: Copies of your letters will be sent to Mechele's attys, and to Mechele as well as the appropriate legislators (senators, congressmen, representatives) the prosecution , the press and anyone else we feel may benefit from them and bring attention to our case! As far as the content, write what you feel! Obviously attention needs to be brought to the various incidents of injustice that are evident. But, just write from your heart just like you have posted on this blogsite. Email letters are fine as long as you send your full name and address. These can be emailed to me at or mailed to my address: Sandy McWilliams,3116 Prescott Dr, Moss Point, Ms. 39562. Believe me, these letters can have a powerful influence! Your efforts and concern are so very much appreciated by Mechele and our entire family. As I mentioned, the blog may be quiet as we approach the date of oral arguments, which has been changed to December 4, 2009. As any news develops, be assured I will post it on the blogsite. For anyone that may not want to post, feel free to email me personally as many of you have done! I will respond as quickly as possible. Please keep in mind that I am working full time and I try to answer your emails each evening, but occasionally it may be a day or so before I can do so. They are extremely important to us and I send Mechele copies as well. As we have posted previously, this is a positive blogsite and we only publish positive comments, but since this blogsite was published we have gotten very few negative responses. The more these shows air, the more people are becoming aware of our case and are questioning the way it was handled. I can honestly tell you I have not received any negative comments in the last six weeks. If people do resond negatively and leave their email address, although I will not post them to the blogsite I will personally respond and answer any questions that they may have. As always, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Your support encourages us and helps us cope with this nightmare. Have a great weekend and know that you are all in my heart and thoughts each and every day!



livieandhermommies said...

THANK you so much for your continued efforts to keep everyone informed... Hopefully others will appriciate your efforts and be greatful too!
: ) Laura

Bmialone said...

Thank you, Sandy. And good news about no negative comments for the last six weeks!