Saturday, November 21, 2009

Good morning to our friends and family!!!
I just wanted to write and thank all of you who have sent support letters for Mechele! Each and every one of them are so very important to our cause! To ensure a faster response to those of you who have chosen to email me personally, I have created a special email account just for you! You can email me at I do still have my other account, but this will save me time and give priority to your emails that mean so very much to me. It will also help me when I print our your mail for Mechele. She is so very grateful for all of your support. We cannot have enough letters, so please keep up the great effort to enlist your friends, family and anyone that believes that justice has not been administered in our case. As the holidays are approaching, this is a very emotional time for us. Mechele is truly the "Christmas Elf!" She so enjoyed the holidays with her family. Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers at this time. For those of you who wish to send donations to be placed in her account you can do so through paypal, where I have an account established or send directly to me. This will allow her to buy gifts for Audrey as well as stamps for her correspondence. Let's pray that this will be her last Christmas away from our family! It is not Christmas for us, until we have her home to share the holidays with us. It is my prayer and wish that each and every one of you have a wonderful Thanksgiving and that your lives are blessed. Enjoy your loved ones and cherish the time you spend with them. My gratitude this year goes out to all of you. We are blessed and thankful to have the wonderful support that you have shown.

With all my gratitude,


crackedvenom said...

I just saw the Snapped episode today. A bit late, but i found this site after googling her name. I dont see how they could have convicted her. The trial was was not good whatsoever. I hope something happens with the appeal. I might write her just to see how shes doing.

crackedvenom said...

It was also all based on that she was a stripper, strippers are minipultive, blah blah blah. We all need to make money when we move out, who cares how it is? The court system is just, who knows, i cant even explain it

Todd said...

I just wanted to send you and your family a "Have a Great Thanksgiving!" note.

This is a difficult time with the holidays starting up. Stay Positive!