Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The media, the jurors, etc

Good morning to all! I am overwelmed at the posts and emails I have been receiving. I am so grateful that there are people out there that see the gaping holes in Mechele's case and are aware that the shows that have been aired do not tell the complete story. After all, had she not been a "stripper" would her story have sold so well. And we all know the media is all about the money! To address a couple of comments: I often wondered why the jury was not sequestered. This was a capital murder case. Not only were they not sequestered that were allowed to go out of town, mingle with the press and discuss the case. They were instructed not to read the papers, but only mid-way through the trial were they told not to read anything on the internet. This was done only after the judge's clerk explained that when people signed on, the news of the trial, etc was in their face. Let me site an example of one juror. When being questioned for jury duty she was asked if she had ever been in a strip club, specifically the Bush Club. She said she had not. This was the same juror that when interviewed after the trial expressed the fact that because Mechele was a stripper, what did she expect but a guilty verdict! Her husband admitted that during the trial this juror was on the internet every night! After the trial it was discovered that this juror had not only been to the Bush Club prior to the trial, but after several drinks actually got on the stage and danced! With jurors like this how could justice prevail? As far as Linda Branchflower, what a piece of work! Her tactics throughout the investigation were unethical and unprofessional. But, I did hear she is suppose to be writing a book about the case! Should be interesting reading! So many things that I could just go on and on about. Did anyone question why, if guilty that Mechele would be the one to actually tell the dectectives about the gun? And why, when told about his death was her first concern his family and that they would find out about his "double life?" I have stated this before, my deepest sympathy go out to Kent's family, but I refuse to see my child become a victim as well. Please continue to keep her case alive. This is a difficult time, because until a decision is rendered regarding the appeal our hands are tied. There is nothing we can do to influence these three judges. I only pray and hope that they will see enough flaws in her trial to grant her a new one. That's all our family wants, is to see true justice and a fair and impartial trial to allow this to occur. As always, my gratitude to each and every one of you. I think one of the things that people have realized as they look into this case is that it could be their daughter, daugher-in-law, sister, wife or mother!


todd said...

I watched the show last night and was disappointed in many aspects of the case, to include the final verdict given to Mechele.

However, I seriously have to question your attorney and his logic on "playing nice" instead of throwing the kitchen sink at these witnesses. This was after all a murder trial with extreme consequences if you lose, thus not a time to play "nice" but to be aggressive and destroy the stories and background of a few of these witnesses. Hopefully he takes that to heart and changes his game plan on the new trial (which I believe will occur) and enters with a "no mercy" attitude.

My only advice is to attack, drive doubt and probably discuss a change of venue strategy to another state.

I wish Mechelle nothing but the best.

jordan1976 said...

You make allot of darn good points. I wonder if the things you mention are things the appeal attorneys are aware of? also are these things the appeal attorneys are bringing up in the appeal. as far as the actual appeal how long before the judges review her case. In the event she is granted another trial then who will represent her? in the event that she is granted a new trial will all of this come out? I think allot of us have a few questions we would like answered. I wonder why all the points you are bringing up are not made part of the trail. If you notice the time line the big thing was the fact that she was a stripper years before. I understand this is a looked down at position but frankly what really does this have to do with the case other then she met the men at the strip club. I actuially have a letter I have wrote to her i am going to actually add a bit to that and go run get a stamp and mail this out to her today. this seems like so many things the defense should have taken up in court, had they done this she would not be there today i do not think. why didnt they?


jordan1976 said...

I see what todd posted in regards to Micheles attorney. Honestly I would say when she get's a new trial because i feel there is way too much things that come into play and I could not see how she could not. I think it would be best to find a different attorney. In my opinion there is so much he could have dione and simply did not do. I see so much that could be done to prove she is not guilty and i really see that if they do everything throw it all at the jury this next time she wont be found guilty. I think that Michele has to wait for this date but I also think it;'s coming.